It was the end of a long work day with meetings, arguments with his father, reminders from Sage about how the orchestrated downfall was going, and a few appraisals keeping him late. Stephanie had a late class so he had no real need to rush home. Though a nice bottle of Chilean wine couldn't be amiss.

He rolled his shoulders as the elevator slowly descended to the parking garage. Most of his employees were out for the day. He huffed out a breath and loosened his tie. He tried to remember when he next boxing class was supposed to be. Tomorrow or the day after he assumed. It cut down on his patrolling but did have a side benefit of giving more tools to use as he patrolled. Since most of what he knew about the fighting arts prior to taking those classes were not very punch-heavy.

As the doors rumbled softly opened, he tossed his suit jacket over his shoulder and let it hang down his back off his index finger. The parking garage was mostly heated so he wasn't particularly worried about catching a chill. He hummed to himself as he started to saunter to his fixed up dark green Tesla Roadster.

He was oblivious to any counter-measures Sage had set up or to anyone else lurking in the garage. Though the buzz and soft clink of one of the overhead lights flickering on and off made him glance at it. He needed to remember to call maintenance about that.


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