It had all come down so quickly.  Just as they were about to roll out a new fleet of Helicarriers, HYDRA had revealed themselves.  They'd been nestling agents inside of SHIELD for years, through all kinds of ranks, sites, and positions.  The low end estimate had been something in the neighborhood of fifteen percent of the organization.  The higher end estimate had been closer to a third or higher.

Those agents who had remained loyal to the organization, Nick Fury, and their country had prevailed in the end, but the damage around the globe had been catastrophic, to say nothing of the damage to their reputation.  Hearings were called, accusations leveled.  Nick Fury had simply... disappeared.  SHIELD had been disbanded, the agents there of mostly found themselves without jobs.  A few, vouchsafed 100 % had remained in service, but most had been debriefed and released into the world.

Simon Fitz was one of those.  Like so many of the rest, no other security organization would touch him.  They all feared HYDRA corruption that they had somehow missed.

He had found well-paying work in the private sector.  His skills with robotics and computers were more than good enough for that.  But designing security for smartphones?  Building the better browser for people to surf the web while on the toilet?  Hardly compared to protecting global freedom.

The others probably had it just as bad...
And in a million other ways, life went on...


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