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Defenders - 6 Months Later

They weren't supposed to be a real team.  That had been the deal.  They'd come together when they were needed, but nothing more than that.  And that had happened a couple of times.  Dawn was still pretty much a mess, still utterly confused by the voice in her head, about the powers and skills it gave her, but she had to admit, they'd managed to do some good as well.  Maybe even saved the world.

But they definitely weren't supposed to have been a real team.

And yet that's what they'd had to become. 

First, it had been the Ultron-Kang invasion of New York City.  That had pretty much been an all hands on deck operation for the heroes of NYC.  Even if, she felt, the Avengers had gotten a bad rap from it.

But as more supernatural threads had begun to arise, more threats to the city in general too, they'd been forced to step up their game.  Just like the FF and the X-Men, everyone was having to do more of their share.  But it had become increasingly apparent something had stirred up the supernatural world.

The pieces of an artifact called the Evil Eye had been scattered across the Earth.  And someone or something was after it.  In fact, it seemed like the whole supernatural world was after it.  Vampires, werewolves, demons, monsters...

There were six pieces.  They had two of them, and they'd failed to prevent a coven of vampires from getting a third.  And that still left three pieces out there to be found...

Vesper, at least, had set them up with something of a headquarters, so they could meet and plan. 

Dawn was working on her swordwork.  Even with a Valkyrie in her head guiding her actions, she wanted it to become more natural.  She still felt torn between the instincts the soul fused to her was providing, and her own natural inclination to panic.

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