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dolemeck ([personal profile] dolemeck) wrote in [community profile] nextgenerationmarvel2016-05-01 06:00 pm

A Night Out (Open the X'ers)

His probation ended a few months ago, and Dolemeck learned quite a bit since then. He learned that he was being a selfish, self-centered twat, and needed an attitude adjustment. That was quite hard to take in, as well as fix. But he worked on himself in therapy, and was not a bit better.

For now, he was sitting back in a chair within the rec room. A new pair of leg braces were on his legs, made with better materials than the old ones. They even had a nifty black and yellow "nuclear" logo on the sides to cover up where the screws were. Some feeling had returned to his legs, so he went back to using the braces.

Dolemeck flipped through various channels on TV, a bit bored. It was the weekend and he had finished his homework, attended physical therapy, and completed a report that was not due for another week. Perhaps he should go find someone to hang out with, or if there was any sign of a good concert in town, tonight.

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