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Returning to a house that was never home.

 Mira looked at the gate a moment.  IT looked the same as the last day she had actually been on the property.  Her parents' lawyers had finally tracked her down.  She had agreed to go to the house only because she knew she had to deal with it.  After all, the company had since moved from the location, though they kept the property for her, as was stated in their will.

Going through the gate she closed it after her, amazed that after all this time she still remembered the code to get in, and that it worked.  Her bike stayed on the drive as she fished her pocket for the door key.  She was fully expecting there to be graffiti on the walls when she opened the door, instead it was spotless.

"They must have sent someone to clean it up."  She spoke to herself mostly.  "Hello?  Anyone here?"  

With no answer she frowned almost wishing she had come in with her bike wrapped around her in armor mode, though that would have been a little overkill.  A slow search of the house found she really was alone.  Though she found her father's study, on the desk was a letter with her name on it.  Her phone rang as she reached for the envelope.

"Mira here."  She answered without checking to see who it was.
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"Hey you." It was Vincent. His voice seemed to come across more clearly than the regular contacts he'd made over the past weeks. The air of distraction that had always been present seemed to have dispersed.
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"That I am... I came by to pick up some items I put in storage for safekeeing, and I'm finding things a bit.. run down." He pokes a piece of rubble with his foot, cautious about wading into the wreckage.
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"Send me the specifics and I'll be there." He stares over the wreckage.

Should he have been here? Would there have been anything he could have done? Anything they would have let him do?
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A few months ago he might have taken a short time to analyze the situation, turning over every angle he could perceive in his mind, but now, Vincent simply complies with the information and teleports across the country. He surveys his new surroundings, waiting to see if she's there to meet him before calling again.
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Something flashes over Vincent's eyes as he catches that, and he takes a single step forward.

He certainly didn't move at super-speed, nor was there any of the damage that would be expected if he'd stepped off with increased strength. The distance simply seemed to not exist for a moment. He catches the offending arm at the wrist, holding it with menacing strength, but doing no harm for now.

"Let her go."