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Brain Damage (NYC Park, OPEN)

"You treat de symptoms before you find de actual cause. Guess it's jus' my luck." Alisa muttered to herself. After everything that had gone on in her life, the crazy ups and downs, the quick emotions that overtook her, the in able to not say things that should not be said... the young woman decided it was time for a second opinion. And now, well, things made sense.

She was not a total bitch or a moron, she had brain damage before she took that bullet to her skull. Probably from the explosion she was in with Alistaire Shaw, but it could have been a number of things. Enforcers can take a lot of blows to the head, after-all.

This entire time, everyone assumed her powers going bonkers were the cause of her odd behavior. Behavior that drove away friends, family, and destroyed relationships with a blast of napalm. So her powers and emotions were being treated. Not her brain.

Now that she was in the RIGHT hands, she was getting proper treatment. Medicine to help with headaches, her neuro implants calibrated to help combat the damage and prevent her from doing... everything she had been doing for over the past six months.

She had yet to tell anyone about this, as it was a private matter. Besides, how do you explain to all the people you hurt that it was completely involuntary? No one would believe it, and it was best to leave it alone. Instead, she took some leave from working with Alistaire and Reiko. She also took time off from working as a mercenary.

For now, she was by a statue of "Alice in Wonderland" at Central Park. Sketching away and doing her best to not stand out in the crowd. It felt good to be at some peace, and to not be the center of attention. No, the center of Chaos.
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Millicent came up quietly to where Alisa was working on her sketch. Millicent didn't particularly enjoy open spaces like parks, not enough places to duck behind and use as cover for her liking. She was dressed casual, but still wore kevlar under clothes and a couple small, easily hidden weapons on her person.

"I got your call," she said softly so as not to disturb Alisa. "Sounded important."
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"Well considering what we both do for a living I imagine we are stable as we are going to get," Millicent mused. She sat down near to where Alisa was working. "Unless it's plucked from my mind in some fashion, it won't leave my lips. What's bothering you?"
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"I had, though I didn't feel right in saying anything at that point." Millicent frowned, then took a breath, not expecting good news. "Go on, love. I'm listening."
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" are well, otherwise?" Millicent had a myriad of thoughts going through her mind, but she was determined not to make this about her. Alisa was the one going through this, not her.
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"That sounds considerably more than minor side effects," Millicent pointed out. She thought about what Alisa said.

"That depends. ..Do you feel the same towards me now as you did then?" She asked quietly.
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Millicent smiled, taking Alisa's hand in hers. "Then unless such time proves that our personalities are not compatible, I do not intend to go anywhere."
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"Just about," Millicent confirmed. "Longest period where I've done so in a long time."
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Millicent reddened slightly. "I'd be lying if I said I didn't think about those things, but I know meaningful things are never gained quickly."
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Millicent lowered her a head a bit, almost shyly at Alisa's words.

"That means a great deal actually." She smiled a bit. "I promise to be patient, but I cannot promise not to fantasize about a proper snog or shag."
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"Please, if anyone knows how to conserve resources, it is me. Remind me to tell you how I survived in a desert."

Millicent couldn't stay serious, chuckling a bit as well. She knew her father would likely be furious when he found out she was dating a woman, but Millicent hadn't felt this content in a long time.

"Oh? Perhaps they want to exhibit some of your pieces."
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Millicent, already a cautious person to begin with, became even more so upon hearing that.

"Then why the sudden olive branch?"
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"Love, you are not "token" anything," Millicent assured.

"Well I certainly understand that. Just in my nature to be overly cautious is all."
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"You say "don't worry" but I'm just wired that way, Alisa. However I will do my best to turn it down a bit," Millicent conceded.
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Millicent bit back a "I'm not cute" retort. "Yes, actually it would."
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Millicent gave a little "hmph", but didn't argue.

"I appreciate the consideration," she teased. "Good, I'll make us something to eat."
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"Makes sense to me."

Millicent shook her head. "You'll take the bed, I'll sleep on the couch."