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MISSING: Alisa LeBeau

She was seen at the "History of New Orleans in Photographs" exhibit, dressed fashionably, but not enough to stand out. The next time she was seen, was on a parking garage a block away. There, Alisa was getting in her car and driving off. And the last time she was seen, was parking her car near a bank. From there, a van could be seen trailing her... and that was the last sighting of Alisa LeBeau.

She never made it to her next destination, which was her current girlfriend's apartment. She also never showed up to Alistaire's penthouse for tea with Reiko, or a meeting at the MET, to see if burnt bridges could be rebuilt, again.

So... where was Alisa LeBeau?
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Millicent picked up the phone and dialed the number for what had to be the fifth time.

"Alisa, this is Millicent. If you're fine please just answer me."

Maybe she was in an area with bad reception. Maybe she left her phone in the car. Maybe she was having an important conversation.

Unfortunately Millicent didn't believe any of that. She went to her closet and began to arm herself. If she had to crack some skulls and cause a few permanent injuries, then that's exactly what she was going to do. Now where was that number Alisa left with her? Hopefully someone with useful information would pick up.
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Millicent looked through the peephole, quickly lowering her gun when she saw who was.

"Alissa! Here, let me help you." Millicent quickly moved to put Alissa's arm over her shoulder. "Lean on me."
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Damn right she would pout, but good luck getting her to admit it. She brought Alisa over to the couch.

"I called you several times. I was getting really worried." Millicent had her armor on underneath her clothes, not to mention the various concealed weapons.
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"It's okay," Millie said, letting out a sigh of her own as she removed some of the weapons. "Can I get you anything, luv? Food, drink, pillows?"
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"The paint thinner is fine," Millicent assured after removing the last of her armaments before returning to the couch.

"There's a reason they call me The Weapons Mistress," she said with a smirk, sitting down next to Alisa.
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"Well, at the least it hasn't been all of the above at once," Millicent mused, starting to run a hand through Alisa's hair.
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"Ah! Sorry, luv," Millicent said when she got caught in her.

"I don't think so, but if you want I could stand guard at the bathroom door," Millie teased.
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"I was only suggesting sitting outside," Millicent assured. She then smiled at Alisa's idea. "That sounds lovely."
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In the meantime Millicent had removed the last of her armor and hidden weapons, though from habit she kept a few close by. She was down to a sports bra and shorts when Alisa came out, then promptly flopped onto the couch.

"I can see that," Millicent chuckled. "Good thing those parts aren't too heavy. I'd hate to have to replace a broken couch," she teased.
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"Come home to?" Millicent asked. "Are you planning to move in?" She teased lightly, though her stomach had a fluttery feeling in it.
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"Oi, don't want to imagine Adri bringing that up every day," Millicent said with a shudder.

She smiled, nodding once. "Your point's well-taken."
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"Intimidating, that's a good word for it," Millicent agreed.

Millicent frowned, though she tried to hide it. "Did some work as security for Horizon paid well," she said, trying to make it sound lie business as usual.