Bobby woke up and met Mary first.

He named her "Skrull-Babe Funtimes" in his head, the easier to remember her by. Skrulls were decent to be around and, most of the time, they were honest. If they didn't like you, they didn't like you. Unlike the Kree, they didn't pretend to be civilized while acting like jerks.

"So, Mary...I think I remember your friends from the pier. At least I remember a couple of them. I was pretty hurt but...did I actually see a big orange rock person?" he asked her.

Bobby Quill's day was great, right before he grabbed that cube.

He grabbed the Cube and the Kree were shooting at him. The race back to his ship was enough to get his heart pumping but the Badoon shooting at him from the upper atmosphere were a pain in the rear. He escaped Carida and took off at warp speed across the galaxy in his ship, Excalibur, hoping to outrun his pursuers.

So a spaceman came to Earth... )
Alexa had been attempting to take it easy following her caffinated adventures with the Tiki Freaks. It wasn't all that difficult, really, especially since Remi had finally opened up with the l-bomb and she decided to take full advantage of it by spending extra time with him, even joining him in his tank--which had the interesting side effect of making the baby kick her harder and be generally more belligerent inside her. Alexa wondered exactly how much of the Atlantean genes were going to end up expressed in the baby, just like she wondered if the world was really ready for an Atlantean Stark. Remi's sister, Kassi, seemed to think so. Remi seemed horrified by the idea a little. The only person who hadn't weighed in was the original Stark himself.

Alexa hadn't really talked to him since they argued after rescuing Remi from cross dimensional insanity. She hadn't really seen him since her return from coffee hell and she realized that she needed to change that, even if to just stop in and notify him that she was fine. Her mother had asked her to do at least that.

So mid-morning on a Tuesday Alexa shuffled her overly pregnant self to Tony's office.
It had started with the fourth consecutive evening of not getting more than three hours of sleep. Insomnia and low need for sleep wasn't uncommon in the Stark bloodline, but being pregnant was a game-changer. Nearly the end of her gestation Alexa needed far more sleep than she ever had in her life, but the combination of her fast-working brain and a fast-moving baby conspired to keep her awake. And cranky: a full-on stomping temper-tantrum had been had twice before noon because she was so sleepy but couldn't sleep. Alexa didn't exactly consider it admitting defeat, but she did give in and decide to head down the block to the neighborhood Starbucks for an octo-shot Pumpkin Spice Latte, cup of whip on the side. It technically wasn't on the menu, but Alexa always brought her own cup, a space-dimensionally enhanced contraption that allowed her to appear to be carrying a normal venti cup with about a sixty-four ounce actual capacity. The baristas never seemed to mind. Even throughout her pregnancy Alexa was, much to Remi's chagrin, a regular at the store.

Which is why the barista knew exactly who to call when four weird-looking dudes dressed like extras in a low-budget Hawaiian horror movie blinked into existence, grabbed the redhead's wrists, and then blinked out again leaving behind the freshly-made PSL and the fairly unmistakable growl-hum of alien spacecraft in their wake. In stunned bystander speak? "Um, King Fishdude? Tiki alien guys stole your girlfriend. Or maybe it was that guy from Ancient Aliens. You wanna come get her latte?"
After Blood Force had fled away from the Imaginauts, the team returned to Pier 4. Jacob disappeared to put his rocky hide into hiding, smarting from being controlled and made to attack his teammate. Remi had picked something out of the sand after the villains left and took it with him back to base.

Tony Stark had noticed three pings of StarkTech suits in use in North Carolina. Two of the pings disappeared as they headed inland. The third suit made its way to New York City and Pier 4 in particular.
Remi deNamor escaped out of Pier 4 as soon as he could feasibly do so without risking the ire of a pregnant redhead. Some days, he got overwhelmed by how different his life was going from what he planned when he left his home reality. It had been ostensibly to learn how worlds that were better off than his governed so he could bring that experience home. While he had enjoyed the adventures of being an Exile, he had never expected to be discarded into some reality with no mission and no way home.

The bronzed Atlantean went to the end of the pier and sat down. He watched waves lap against the pillars. The steady wet slap lulled him into introspection. His blue eyes stared out at nothing.

So anything that showed up near him would be a complete surprise.
New York City high society had been absolutely buzzing over this April's charity gala by a certain Mr. Tony Stark. It was seen as exclusive, or as exclusive as his 200 person guest list could be. Some invitations were a given, like Tony's daughter Alexa, whereas others came from what the party planners figured as the right people to make the party memorable or talked about.

The charity event was for the charitable arm of Stark Inc., Stark International. Despite being for charity, it was also seen as a good way for businesses to be seen and network.

The event was held at the Hudson in the Library and Private Park space. It would comfortably fit the people into its 2,600 Square Feet.
In the desert outside of Sedona, Arizona a large, metallic structure appeared after an evening of strange lights swooping and whirling around in the skies. A couple locals went into the one story structure to check it out. Their truck was still sitting outside of the strange building a day later. The police were called in. The local sheriff didn't trust the federal government, but he knew superheroes could probably handle whatever this thing was.

He put in a call to the Future Foundation. Then he sat back and waited. Also, he kept an eye on making sure no one else did something dumb like go into that thing like Larry and Daryl.
The test results weren't changing. The little parasitical organism growing inside Alexa wasn't going away. The hormones were getting worse, as evidenced by Alexa's keen strategy of kicking Remi in the nuts to rescue him from a really bad situation. She had also noticed a slight...bump going on where her stomach was and guessing by Remi's near inability to look up from her chest these days she was pretty sure that her stomach wasn't the only thing that had swollen.

There was no denying it now. Alexa was with Atlantean spawn. Do they make booties for wingy feet?

"Remi?" she peeked in at him. He'd been having a lot of Tank Time since the whole ball-kicking incident.


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