It had been a very strange six months for the New Mutants.  With everything that had gone down with the X-Men, they had reaped some of the benefits of being associated with them, experiencing a surge in popularity, albeit on filtered through the still somewhat unstable and FOH harboring New Jersey climate.

Angel was also damn certain someone was following Sara and her around on campus.  She hadn't yet had to teleport them into one of the campus fountains or anything like that, but she was certain it was close.

Her own life was falling into order well enough.  She'd shifted her major, applying her gen eds and some of her other courses into a theater major.  She natural flair and presence helped considerably, and theater folk were largely some of the most accepting she'd known.

Not too bad a time to be a mutant, all things considered...
Since Aiden had been forced out from/quit his previous band and the requisite depressed waffling until his mother got him some session jobs as a drummer, his next band bore the brunt of his concentration and will to succeed. Not that they minded. All of them had been cast offs from other bands. Not bad, but not gelling well with the others. Since New Brunswick had a large live music scene, it was only a matter of time until Dire Rainbow pulled together.

They had practiced relentlessly. Sometimes Aiden barely got sleep between practices, New Mutants activities, time with Angel, teaching Zip, and working as a bartender. Thankfully, he needed less sleep than normal human-like people. But it was all about to be worth it, to his mind. They had entered a local contest and made the cut to perform.

They had a half-hour set-list to pull together. Aiden put in some cover songs along with a few songs he had written himself. (He hadn't told his parents about this facet yet. If the songs came out like crap and couldn't get the audience into it, he wouldn't have to claim them in front of a certified popstar and entertainment king.) Aiden had invited his teammates and anyone else he could think of to be at the show. He wanted some support, and possibly somebody to teleport if there were thrown beer bottles.

And they crammed as much rock into that thirty minutes as they possibly could. Thankfully, the lead singer did not wail like Banshee, so everyone still had their eardrums when she went after it. Aiden attacked his drums like he had everything to prove. Mostly because he did. His former band was in the contest as well.

Top scientists at MIT had been researching new technologies, including the development of software which could handle pan-dimensional level calculations.  The projected applications had been hailed as revolutionary by the likes of Tony Stark and Reed Richards...

Which made it the perfect target for the continuing crimes of the Lethal Legion.   Sabertooth, the Owl, the Radioactive Man, and Mentallo had been sent to retrieve it.

The attack quickly made the news.

Fortunately, the local super-heroes, the New Mutants, were not far away in New Jersey...

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Angel had borrowed the alleged car for the day, so, fortunately, she had a quick way to get Charlotte back to the old power station that the New Mutants had converted into their home.

"Took a lot of doing," Angel admitted.  "And a lot of that was Val, back when she lived with us, but it's home."

She put the car in park and stepped out.

"Ah think you've probably met Sara before, but probably not Aiden?"
Ever since Angel had been beat up by some bigots, Aiden had taken to patrolling of sorts. Just to keep an eye out for organized gatherings. How he had managed to squeeze it in between working as a popular bartender, training with his fellow New Mutants, and keeping Angel company was beyond his ability to consider. He just did what needed to be done.

Like tonight.

He had gotten a good idea on where a local chapter of the Friends of Humanity liked to hang out. The Mojoworlder knew about the chapter at Sara and Angel's school, but this was encroaching too close to home. While he could tell the others and they could go be proactive about it, Aiden decided to do this with sneaks and stealth.

He had on his black-lightweight hoodie as he sorted through gear on his side of his bed. While he could produce whatever hand-held weapon of hard-light, he needed help for anything at a distance. Sabotage was the game of the night, so he was carefully choosing projectiles that didn't scream ninja.
Angel was mad as a wet hen when she came home, several hours earlier than she should have.  With school out, she was working more shifts at the gym, and shouldn't have needed a pick up until later.  Instead, she'd taken the bus part of the way, and then bamfed the rest of the way back

She slammed the door, hard, as she came inside.

"Why those lousy swamp rats, I have half a mind to..."
Aiden notified the gals that Val was coming to help out with getting the base rid of Mojo-sent cameras. Then he drove off to New York to go pick up Valeria. He made sure to ask her what she wanted to eat. The least he could do for her help was cook her a good meal. He had feeling he would be more useful in the kitchen than in tracking down the cameras.

When he pulled into the garage, he had a blonde super-genius with him.

"Tah dah," he announced to no one in particular.
While some of the furor over the revelation that Xavier's was a school for mutants had died down, there were still reporters broadcasting from outside the school gates. There were daily reports on what they thought was going on in the school and more reports on what public officials were doing to calm fears. As reporters dug for soundbites to fill the air, little bits of "news" were put out for the public to see.

As the world looked in, the X-Men tried to keep doing their daily routines. Though as more news was reported it became more difficult to live there formerly anonymous lives.
Mrs. Mary MacNeilly's report to the New York State Education Department was far from glowing. Her report caused a lot more concern and shock than normal process usually allowed. They did their research on previous inspections just to see how long this mutant school problem had been going on. Despite their research showing there had never been an issue as large as what was put before them, they had to take action on what Mrs. MacNeilly had reported.

The NYSED informed the superintendent in the district Xavier's was located in of the issue. They also got in touch with Westchester County's office about Xavier's certificate of occupancy due to the structural damage Mrs. MacNeilly had witnessed happening to the school building. With the report of mutants on the grounds the state and county governments got their information squared away before sending representatives to the school with protection from law enforcement. Child Protective Services got into the loop after being informed of a young girl living at the school surrounded by mutants who quite possibly could not control their powers.

As the media got wind of what was coming to a quiet yet secretive school in upstate New York, TV stations sent crews out. Some of the government representatives were glad to talk vaguely about what was happening at the school live. With the cameras aimed to put the people going into the school on film, a TV reporter stepped into the frame.

"This is Samantha Boulevard here not far from the town of Salem Center in Westchester County. Government officials from the New York State Education Department are here delivering a notice of probation for the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning. The school came under scrutiny recently during an inspection by a certified educational inspector. My sources have told me that this school poses as a private institution for education but has been revealed to be habitat for mutants."
Exactly a month after Valentine's Day came White Day. This year Aiden could not do some of his typical things as Angel was mending from being attacked by anti-mutant bigots. He also couldn't do as much as he used to because he spent quite a bit of time invisibly stalking her attackers and making their lives miserable.

Though he still had things together for White Day. He also had some small boxes of 'obligation' chocolate for his roommates as usual. Though Valeria's was in the freezer until she came back (and he fully believed she would.) He thought that would be appreciated more than leaving it in her lab.

He let Angel sleep in as he worked in the kitchen making a large Southern breakfast from all the recipes he had from Angel's Mom. He had more than enough to cover the other ladies in the building.

He hummed to himself as he checked on his biscuits in the oven.
Though her schoolwork was sometimes putting more time constraints on her, Angel did rather enjoy her job.  Teaching gymnastics to tweens at a local gym was good work, and she was good at it, and it was good experience for when she became a teacher.  And, thankfully, very few kids or their parents had had much problem with her being a mutant.  Only one parent had pulled their kid.

Granted, it had been after trying to get her removed from her job, but her bosses had backed her up.  That had been a rather pleasant surprise, truthfully.  True, she did have to answer more than a few questions about how things like her hands or tail worked (and several about how long it took her to dry out after a shower), but that was all right.  Those questions were born from curiosity, not hate.

She stepped out onto the street and zipped her jacket a little higher.  True, with a coat of fur, she had more protection against the elements than most, but it was still rather chilly.  She checked her watch.  Aiden should be there in the alleged car in a few minutes.

As she walked down to the corner where Aiden was going to pick her up, she was faintly aware that people were coming up behind her.  She clutched her gym bag a little more tightly.  One didn't grown up with instructors like Logan and Auntie 'Ro around without developing extraordinarily good survival instincts.  Sounded like four... no.  Five.  Definitely five of them.  She spared a very brief glance over her shoulder to confirm her guess and found she was right.  All men, probably in their thirties or older.  Two of them were carrying baseball bats.  Judging by the lack of mitts, they probably weren't on their way to a pick-up ballgame.

(cut for violence) )

"And the quest for the right internship forms continues!" Caroline declared as the walked along a campus sidewalk.
Caroline was transferring to Rutgers for her Master's program. And she had just the people to put her up.

She'd told Mama it wasn't the same as becoming actively involved in vigilante work, but she definitely hoped there'd be the chance to help.

The sound of a ringing doorbell echoed through the air.
"In the wake of the attack on Cape Citadel by mutant terrorists earlier this month, much buzz has been made about the so-called "Mutant Problem" on Capital Hill in the most recent session of Congress. Speaking were both Valerie Cooper and Henry Peter Gyrich, members of the Commission on Superhuman Activities, along with noted expert on mutation Dr. Charles Xaiver, and Senator Robert Kelly, long-time proponent of super-human registration. Kelly again called for the registration of all mutant citizens of the United States...."

"A public survey today confirmed that 75% of Americans are in favor of mutant registration..."

"Unknown if the woman called Magneta actually possesses a connection to the former terrorist Magneto... The Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver declined to comment..."

"Opinion is still split over whether or not the X-Men intervened to stop Magenta and her terrorists for heroic reasons or for something more sinister..."
Aiden was a lot less fidgety in his silk formal kimono than he was in regular suits. He liked the fact it was handmade to fit Aiden's 6'3" frame. His grandmother had spared no expense in having the colorful kimono made. The heavy silken wear felt right to the Mojoworlder. And it was not trying to choke him. He started to think he should wear one to all formal events.

He had attended the ceremony at the city hall and had made it to the ceremony at the temple his family went to for holidays. He wasn't sure where he was going next. There were events all over to attend. Though he was not going to get drunk again. His grandmother had drunk him under the table. It was a little embarrassing. Even if his grandma was a mysterious ninja clan leader.

Currently, Aiden was looking for either his family or Angel after getting pulled aside for a string of photos with other young Japanese ladies in their finest. The gaijin-looking guy celebrating seemed to be a big draw.


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