The decrepit-looking hotel near a waterfall in Colombia was a case of the facade not quite matching the interior. Early 20th century grandeur fought against years of disuse and nature's reclamation. While the first floor retained some of it's moldy and waterlogged appearance, it was a deception to keep the local guerillas uninterested in the goings on inside the building. With late night experiments leading to flashing lights in some of the windows, the locals, gun-toting or not, spoke about the old hotel as a haunted location.

The head of that nest was counting on interlopers of the goody-two-shoe variety. Though the planned team wasn't the ones in blue and white. Either way, Huntress 19 had called in assistance from extra nests.
Nika knew she should have waited for her sister to return. Lisa should be the one to handle this mission, but she was still out with a smaller team. She was en route, but Nika didn't think it would be fast enough. Once mercenaries like the Wild Pack got a lead on HYDRA, they tended to disappear into the grass. And one of the images in the file she received made the Symkarian determined to not let them disappear on her.

She called in all her people still in base. She put out a notification for Hana to come in. She wanted as much fire power as she could muster quickly. Then she went down into the armory to find her more powerful guns. They were locked away and only she and Lisa had access. She pulled out the cases and headed toward one of mother's old Swans she had given to them.

Nika hoped the team assembled quickly. She wanted this nest of HYDRA before they went to ground.
The last time that Felicity and Nika had gone on a date, Felicity had surprised her by taking her out dancing. It had been something fun and sexy and exhilarating, a far cry from their first date, which had been coffee. For the third date, she'd decided to throw Nika for another loop. This time, it was ballet at the Joyce in Chelsea. A troupe from Castile D'or was visiting, and they were putting on a production of Sleeping Beauty.

All things considered, the subject matter seemed very appropriate. The performance itself had been wonderful, as well.

She grinned as they exited the Joyce, a thrill of anticipation shooting up her spine. First they'd takem in the show, and now they had reservations at Montmartre, a nearby French restaurant that had come highly recommended from Felicia. The Trout Grenobloise apparently wasn't to be missed.

After all that, Felicity had booked a room at The Mark.

Because this was, after all, the third date. There were expectations. Hopefully I can stay in my jumpsuit until we get back to the room.

"Well?" she asked as they exited the theatre, looping her arm around Nika's waist. "What did you think?" She was well aware that just because she enjoyed the ballet, it didn't mean that everybody did. 
The American Museum of Natural History was set ablaze with lights and the mingling scents of exotic flowers perfumed the cool evening air. Brooke Wyngarde had put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into arranging for this soirée, and she was going to be damned if anyone was going to ruin it for her. After all, this was to welcome Stephanie Shaw da Silva and Marcelo Alencar da Silva back to Manhattan and, most importantly, receive them as a newly wedded couple.

Thus, Brooke had pulled out all the stops. Everyone who was anyone who knew the Shaws or the da Silvas had been invited (though Brooke had also dutifully chopped some of the more unsavory names off of her list). The food was a delightful blend of American-Brazilian-Spanish fusion. The cocktails were some of the most popular ones from Brazil, and only the finest Spanish wines were served. The music was live, big band-style stuff, because this was not some hideous high school Kiss on the Lips party. 

Brooke herself, being the hostess of the event, may have gone just a tad bit overglam when it came to her look for the night, but then she was certain that she was going to be gracing many a society page the next morning.

She needed to look great, and she certainly did as she stood next to the entrance of the Arthur Ross Terrace, receiving guests for the cocktail hour which would precede that night's dinner, directing them towards the guest sign-in book, the gift table, and everything else. 

She hoped, she prayed, that everything that night went off without a hitch.

After all, the supervillains only crash the weddings of the A-List superheroes, right? 
Enough time had passed since Felicity and Nika's last date. This time, she was hoping on nothing villainous happening when she dragged Nika out of the office for a night of dancing. 

Maybe dancing will provide all of the action that we need tonight and no villains will surprise us.

Yeah. Right.

She shook her head and smoothed down the skirt of her obnoxiously sparkly dress. She couldn't help it, though. The cat in Felicity Thompson liked a little sparkle.  She reached up and adjusted an earring. 

Tucking her clutch - filled with some requisite weaponry - under her arm, Felicity strode out of her lab and towards Nika's office. She didn't bother knocking on the door, though. What would Nika be doing in there anyway? Working? Napping? Nothing else.

She slunk into the room and posed in the doorway, a smile curving her lacquered lips upwards. "Well, well. Looks like someone needs a break." 
After returning from the solo mission that had gone upside down thanks to HYDRA, Nika had gone to a medical professional to check how bad her wounds were stitched. She had all the confidence in Felicity while in the plane, but she wanted a professional opinion about possible scarring. She was sure some of the amazed invectives while examining her wounds would be useful later.

Since then she had kept herself busy until the day rolled around for getting coffee with Felicity. The Symkarian wasn't sure how this would go or if she should be even doing it. She could almost hear her mother's lecture moving along to the cadence of the elder Sable's pacing. Nika was sure there was no one else on the planet as good at frustrating her mother like herself.

Opting not to go to coffee in a tactical corset, Nika rummaged through her closet to find something suitable. It took the third outfit choice for her to realize she was distracted. She tried to focus on one color with some accents. And no animal prints. Why did she have tiger-striped pants?

She smoothed down her tight pencil skirt outside of the coffee shop. Then she adjusted her fitted jacket. It was possibly a tad too dressy for a casual coffee... date, but it made Nika feel better. Particularly as the jacket was tailored to hide the weapons she had hidden about her torso. She took a breath and pushed the door open.
Nika never expected to find a nest of HYDRA at a pizza parlor in southern Vermont. So she wasn't quite sure why most of the patrons and wait staff were staring at her as she came in to grab a bite to eat. She had just retrieved an item for a mission, and it was tucked under her shirt so she looked a little more chesty than she normally did. She'd done the mission solo to save some expenses on it. Besides, Lisa was in Vegas with Sean on vacation. No one was there to veto her executive decision.

It was a simple find, grab, and return. It wasn't so simple when a bunch of HYDRA agents figured out she was the daughter of one the most famous non-SHIELD people to hunt them down.

The pizza parlor was wrecked and Nika was bleeding by the time she made a run for her car. There were just too many of them pouring into the building for her to continue shooting them without running out of bullets. She leapt in the car and peeled out of there.

She got on the road and noticed some green vehicles following her. Well, here goes a diplomatic headache. She floored the pedal and wove through traffic to try to lose her pursuers. Though they were surprisingly more adept at staying on her tail than she gave HYDRA goons credit for.

Nika hit the cellphone connection and opened her contacts. She was going to need help. Lisa was out as she was in Vegas. Fin couldn't drive as far as Nika knew. Quinn was probably out of the country. That left few options. She hit one of the contacts and tried to keep her eyes on the road.
Wind whistled past Felicity Thompson's ears as she hurtled off of the edge of the Hammer Industries rooftop, her mouth parted in a gleeful grin as Hammer's security guards fired off at her. The good thing about having taken all the power on the block off, of course, was the fact that Felicity's slinky black catsuit blended very well in with the night.

She checked her belt one more time to ensure that the blueprints for what Hammer had been designing were still there - and they were. Good. She wasn't sure what the top secret project was about, exactly, but the fact that she had it boded well. She could examine the plans, tear them apart, and repurpose them.

Given that she also now owned the last bit of information regarding the project - she'd utterly destroyed everything else - it'd take Hammer and his lackeys months to get back up to speed. By then, this project would have been recreated into something better for use by the Wild Pack.

Felicity twisted in mid-air, righting herself as she came closer to the ground, and expertly landed in a crouch, one leg extended. A cool nighttime breeze whipped up the hair of the platinum blonde wig that was attacked to her stylized cat-mask. Unable to help herself due to an old habit picked up in her gymnastics training with her mother, Felicity whispered a barely audible "Meow" and then grimaced. Sure, you're great with the technological advancements, but when it comes to dressing up like a woman in a catsuit, you're all stereotypical tropes, aren't you? she chided herself as she took off at a sprint. She didn't turn back, but the specialized sound receivers in the stylized ears of her mask picked up the sound of a few guards bursting out of the premises and following, feeding the sound directly into her ears. Felicity's grin grew wider.

So they were going to chase her. Oh, fun!

Felicity turned a corner.... )

Felicity turned back and waved at one of the security cameras that was trained on her. The next morning, Hammer would see what an epic fail his invention had been. Three weeks from now, the Wild Pack would have things that were inspired by the design, but created for different applications. These things, of course, would actually function.

With a smirk, Felicity leaped off the building and went hurtling back off into the rest of the night, and whatever awaited her there.
Nika sat in a small cafe with her text book open on the small table in front of her. She had a cup of something that at least did not taste like tar. The place she was in was slightly rustic, but it was at least not dilapidated. She did not have to worry about a ceiling beam try to crush like she had 24 hours ago.

She had her back to a wall and occasionally glanced toward the either the kitchen or the front door. She sipped her not-tar as she waited.


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