WHEN: Saturday night
WHERE: Bistro Provencal, Manhattan
WHO: Franklin Richards, Katie Power
WHAT: Franklin invites Katie on a date. There are motivations involved.

Franklin had arranged for the invitation to be sent formally, via telegram with roses, rather than doing the ordinary thing like texting or phoning. This in and of itself was not usual, but not unprecedented- Franklin enjoyed the occasional over-the-top romantic gesture. Booking the restaurant was more difficult than he'd anticipated- but thankfully he had an in with the owner, so they not only got their table, but a private booth. And an exclusive tasting menu.

Interestingly, that conversation with Stephanie about the reservation had led to the next and really, the most important item on the list. Franklin could synthesize a diamond with his powers, but the fact was, they weren't quite as nice as professionally cut ones. Apparently she had significant connections in the diamond trade and she'd managed to find him some tasteful, yet stunningly gorgeous diamonds that happened to come from Canada- which meant a fair bit to Franklin, because he didn't want to support some warlord in Sierra Leone with Katie's engagement ring. The diamond, thus selected, had been crafted to a ring to Katie's measurements.

And with the material preparations all more or less seen to, he had just enough to to start getting really nervous. Was everything perfect? And hoping, hoping, that she would say yes. Then he sat down for a moment and realized that more than anything else in the world, he loved Katie and wanted to be with her. And that he wanted to take the leap. He took a deep breath and put on his suit, a new one he'd bought for the occasion and teleported over to the restaurant, about fifteen minutes before she arrived, to see that subtle decor changes had been made to their booth, candles quietly selected for perfect ambiance, a subtle rerouting of traffic giving them an extremely high degree of privacy.

And even for all the time that they'd known each other, and been together, he just knew that Katie would take his breath away when she walked in.
It had been several weeks since Julia had found her way to the Xavier Mansion. Several long frustrating weeks, interspersed with a few explosions and moments of sheer terror. She'd thought of giving up and moving on to somewhere else, but she had a gut feeling that this was the best place for her. They were certainly used to unusual happenings, after all.

If she could only get someone to notice her.

Sure, they'd noticed her presence, but every time she'd tried to communicate, all she'd done was scare someone. So, she'd stopped trying to interact directly, and started practicing another method. She'd started with small objects, working on them until she could control their movements. From there, large objects weren't too hard. Now, she was ready to try something more complex.

She drifted into one of the empty classrooms and made her way to a computer station.  She closed her eyes, and concentrated on what she wanted to do.

Can't mess it up this time.

She ran her fingers into the box and thought, hard.  A phrase popped up on every monitor connected to the school network.

Help Me

Fred followed the Logan girl into the manor, examining his surroundings carefully. Well it certainly had the appearance of a school, though Fred knew there was far more to this place than that. He was eager to speak with those in charge.
After Athos had been released from Murderworld, the ninja stealthily and silently went farther into New York City. Eventually the turtle found a nice park with some well-used benches. He sat down on one and tried to achieve utter stillness.

What Athos achieved instead was a transformation into a redheaded teenager sitting on a park bench. Pete looked around nervously. He wasn't sure where he was. Or where his chaperone was. He rubbed his hands together and watched life go by.

This place wasn't filled with mutants, but he still felt very alone. He wondered if there were even pay phones around any more. Though he wasn't sure who he would call.

So, he decided to sit there until someone found him or he got a better idea.
Dolemeck had adjusted well within the school. He was happy to have been able to go swimming (even if he just floated there), he was making new friends, had access to an amazing art room with sewing machine, and had almost everything he could ask for. Professor Franklin's suggested reading for his citizenship class was helping him quite a bit. He was understanding more and more about the country that will soon become his home.

Just as he was about to call it a day, Dolemeck took out his ear buds and turned off his music player. He then looked over at his phone and realized he had missed a phone call just a few minutes ago.

"Not often I get one of these. Perhaps it's Bobbi asking if I want to go pick berries, again." He thought to himself as he looked at the number it came from, and then played the message.

Hey, Dole! I was asked to come to the States to perform on the Late Show! Would you like to have dinner afterwards at the Oyster Bar? It's been awhile since he spent time together, son. I thought this would be a great opportunity to see how you are doing in your new school. Give me a call back when you can, little one.

He nearly dropped the phone after hearing the message. His Father was in the country, and he wanted to spend time with him! While he was used to the disappointment of his Father bailing at the last minute, he was hopeful this time. Enough that he tried to walk as quickly as he could with his leg braces on to Professor Franklin's office.

"Professor Franklin!" He busted into the room, forgetting to knock in his excitement. "My Da is in the country! He's going to do a gig for the "Late Show" and then meet me at the Oyster bar in the City! Can I please have permission to go?"
Dolemeck had finally gotten settled into life at the Xavier Institute. He was getting a little stronger and able to walk to his classes without feeling like he was going to drop dead too often. He still wore his old school uniform from home to class, but that is what made him feel comfortable. A small reminder of home.

He walked down to halls, trying to find Professor Franklin's office. He desperately needed his help for his citizenship classes. Dolemeck was worried about failing them and being deported after his schooling was over (and not just because he wanted to see Professor Franklin because he was cute). His eldest brother continued to pressure him to get his citizenship as well, saying he would be happier living in America than at home.

With all of that weight on his shoulders, he wanted to lift some of it off. The best way to do that was to ask for help. Once he found Professor Franklin's office, he gave a gentle knock at the door.

"Professor Franklin? Are you in there?"
When: Friday afternoon
Where: X-Mansion, Franklin's office
What: Franklin has open office hours.

Franklin Richards had taken to teaching like a duck had taken to water. He'd shown up with half of his planning for the year finished already, though as a famous general had once said, "no plan survives contact with the enemy". He'd had to do a lot of adapting on the fly, but it was good. It kept him busy and made him feel useful as something other than some sort of ridiculous fount of all power.

He'd adopted an open-door policy pretty early, because the truth was, sometimes he liked being interrupted from marking and other paperwork. If anyone had any questions or concerns, he was there to help them out. If someone wanted to drop him off some coffee, well, that was extremely welcome.

Franklin liked coffee, a lot. People who gave him coffee tended to get their requests granted much more quickly.

The door was open. Who would come in next?

And would they have coffee?
Rachel was in the middle of remodeling what was now her office. Xavier has finished up the semester and given her the office as hers. Though she currently had no clue how to decorate it. So things were looking a little bare with her desk and two chairs across from it for adornment.

She had plans for the estate on her desk. She sat in her chair and pinched the bridge of her nose. There were pages of the requirements for a being a certified school scattered on the floor behind her. She had posted about her open office before the summer semester began.

The redhead didn't know if having visitors would be a blessing or not.
Doctor Power (if that didn't make for a good hero name, she didn't know what did, even if she was mostly out of that business) had spent most of the morning in the high energy lab. Where they tried to develop energy sources that would better mankind.

And not lead to the destruction of the planet. Whitey had been very specific about that.

But today was proving to be especially frustrating. Between some of the lab guys and the experiments themselves...

So she was down in the cafeteria getting coffee and a doughnut.

Sweet, sweet caffeine.


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