He really did not want to, but Dolemeck honestly felt he had no choice but to finally give in and be a part of the reality TV show based on his Father. All he would have to do is act, right? Pretend they were a happy family, that his parents were not addicts, and he was a good son going to a good school in the States. But when the cameras were not filming? It was complete chaos.

The damn thing had not aired, yet. They had only three episodes in full, and needed another nine before the Summer ended. Producers kept trying to tell him to be more "interesting", even trying to set him up with some starlet his age for publicity. He thankfully knew well enough to turn that down, but everything else he did. He performed music for the cameras, ate meals with his folks, then at the end of the day... take a cab back to the mansion.

After the cab dropped him off inside the gates of the mansion, Dolemeck decided to take a bit of a walk before heading inside. It was only dusk, and there was still some light on the grounds to enjoy. Despite it being the Summer, he had on his leather coat, matching pants, and a long sleeved white shirt. If anything, he appeared more ready for winter than anything else.
Recluse -- Stephanie, now -- frowned at the tablet as she glanced at the two pots she had on the stove. No one here made even the drinks she remembered from Russia. Sbiten seemed fairly easy. The recipe for kvass she found seemed long rather than difficult. She filled two post with water and turned the stove on. It all seemed to go well until she went to toast the bread for the kvass a second time. Smoke filled the kitchen, setting off the smoke alarm. She cursed in Russian, shoving a towel under the spigot.
Fred growled to himself as he trudged to the kitchen. What in the name of all logic possessed him to go on that trip with Dolemeck? Oh yes, his entire lack of an adolescent life, but still... His head was ringing, how could people be so damned loud? And sing so off-key? He cursed as he opened the medicine cabinet, hoping to find something strong enough to fight this migraine that threatened to split his skull.
His probation ended a few months ago, and Dolemeck learned quite a bit since then. He learned that he was being a selfish, self-centered twat, and needed an attitude adjustment. That was quite hard to take in, as well as fix. But he worked on himself in therapy, and was not a bit better.

For now, he was sitting back in a chair within the rec room. A new pair of leg braces were on his legs, made with better materials than the old ones. They even had a nifty black and yellow "nuclear" logo on the sides to cover up where the screws were. Some feeling had returned to his legs, so he went back to using the braces.

Dolemeck flipped through various channels on TV, a bit bored. It was the weekend and he had finished his homework, attended physical therapy, and completed a report that was not due for another week. Perhaps he should go find someone to hang out with, or if there was any sign of a good concert in town, tonight.
Bobbi's stalking around the school.  With the hurricane threat over now everyone's gone back to studies and the usual stuff, which had the little winged girl a little on the bored side. 

So she's sneaking around corners looking for perfect targets.  After all, someone has to lighten up moral right?  It's a tough duty, but as cloned offspring of Bobby Drake and Warren Worthington, she's up to the challenge!  As long as she isn't late to class that is.
The grounds were still rather wet and soggy from the storm. Thankfully, there was not a whole lot of damage to the Mansion, or the dorms. Dolemeck spent the majority of the storm locked in his room, playing some vinyls and sneaking a quick smoke when he could. Now that the storm passed, he could make his way out of the dorms and into the music room without fear of getting sucked into a mud puddle or something.

For the first time in a long time, the young Brit walked out of his bedroom. No wheelchair, no leg braces. He was walking with the use of his powers. He was dressed in a pair of doc martins, black leather pants, a matching leather trench, and a union jack shirt under his coat. His black hair had grown out some, going past his chin a bit, and his skin remain rather pale. He just seemed like a different person, now.
When: Anytime between 11 am and about 4 pm, Saturday (possibly earlier if you're helping her bake, could be later for an afterparty/cleanup)
Where: Cafeteria, Xavier Institute for the Gifted
What: Free Cupcakes! 

The beginning of a new school year was always exciting and stressful at the same time. There were always, however, countless special activities and programs to help people in the beginning of their transition into the new year, or into studying at Xavier's. What was not often addressed however, was the doldrums that could sometimes set in as September wore on and everything fell into an 'ordinary' pattern. Special activities tended to drop off, not to really roll around again until Halloween. 

This was an unacceptable situation for Kayla Emily Connors. Some small gesture had to be made, something to show the student populace that random whimsy was totally acceptable. 

Getting permission from the school authorities, she set up a little booth outside the Cafeteria, behind which were boxes and boxes of cupcakes that she'd baked. Chocolate ones, vanilla ones, ones with raspberry frosting, those delicious salted caramel ones, carrot cake ones with cream cheese frosting- she'd forg
one the peanut butter ones on account of possible allergies. She'd put up a handful of colourful signs advertising 'FREE CUPCAKES" around the school. She'd of course, instructed her better friends amongst the school to distribute the news through any way they could. 

And so it was, that Kayla Connors found herself cheerfully standing behind a little booth in the cafeteria, handing out free cupcakes to anyone who wanted one. 
((OOC Note: This immediately follows this post and continues it on.))

Consciousness came back slowly to Headmaster Rachel Grey-Ramsey. The pain hit her faster. She groaned softly as her head and shoulder throbbed. She could sense all the chaos happening around the school, but her mind was too muddled to make sense of it. She reached up and pulled books and cracked shelving off her head and shoulders.

She knew she needed to be up and moving to protect the children. She wasn't helped by a cascade of wood and paper into her lap.
Class had only been in session for a couple days at Xavier's. Labor Day had come and gone. There were more students on campus than in previous semesters. The buzz from first day jitters had settled down. Routines were starting to be picked up. It was currently the small span of time between the end of classes for the day and the beginning of after-school activities.

A mile from the main house, a very determined man wearing purple and dark blue was setting up. He took note of various things like the range to the target, wind direction, wind velocity, air density, elevation, and the Coriolis effect. As well as the effect the window he was going to shoot through would have on his very special bullet. He peered through his scope. This would be an extremely tricky shot, but the entire operation was waiting on him to start it. He needed to take out the biggest problem on that campus. The new construction getting into his way didn't help matters.

He eventually lined up a clear shot and waited. He caught a flash of red in the window. The target must have been sitting at her desk. The sniper grinned slightly to himself. He took in a breath, let it half out, and then squeezed the trigger.
The one-of-a-kind bullet made of non-magnetic material blasted out of the barrel of the sniper rifle. His aim was dead on. He quickly tapped the signal to have the first ones launch their attack.

The walls along Graymalkin Lane were breached explosively in multiple places. Most near security nodes to delay the time the security system roused. Men and women in black tabards with white crosses poured through the openings. They ran toward the buildings and any visible muties on the grounds. They all had been itching for some action since the debacle at Veridian Dynamics. Being underground for this long made the need for mutie blood strong among the Purifiers.
The upcoming semester was still some ways away, but the school was rapidly becoming a new place, especially as quite a few early attendees were getting themselves moved in and settled.

Rose had already had a "fight" with about three of them and resisted punching another two in the nose.

Plus all the noise and smells were starting to get to her, especially the various sanitizers and furniture polishes and the like.

She really wasn't supposed to, but she'd be eighteen pretty quickly anyway, she was real good at covering up evidence. Except for telepaths, but that she wasn't worried about.

So she'd found an out of the way corner on the grounds to light up a cigarette and fume.
With the opening of the school post-Labor Day fast approaching, it was time to open the dorms to the student populations. This was being done so most of the interior of the mansion (above the subbasements) could be remodeled and re-utilized for more academic means.

It was bright and early on that late August morning the headmaster of Xavier's had the students and staff gather for announcements. Things had to change at how parts of Xavier's were ran. Gone were the days of it being a home first and school second.

Rachel went to the front of the gathered crowd and used her telepathy to augment her voice so everyone could hear her.

"Good morning, everyone. Today, we officially open the two dorms to student living." She used one hand to gesture to the two large buildings behind the mansion and opposite each other across the width. "The students will spend the day moving out today from the mansion into the boys' and girls' dorms. Some of the roommate assignments have been updated and adjusted as needed. The assignments have been posted in both your current dorms and your new one. If you don't have a roommate at this moment, do not think you've lucked out. We have students returning and new ones enrolling after Labor Day."

She took a breath. "With this move to the dorms, comes a change in how this school proceeds. Under my predecessor, the school had more leeway and could be like a home before an educational institution. Now, with the watchful eyes hoping we fail, we have to move how we do things into a more proper school setting. With that in mind, more rules have been instituted to get us in line with those terms of existence."

She took a small breath. "The cafeteria kitchen is now off-limits to students. Only those with prior permission and reason to be there will be allowed in. It is up to Ms. Blaire's and my discretion on whom that is. Food in the cafeteria will be supplied on a 24 hour basis, but do not expect hot food once the kitchen has been closed down for the night. The cafeteria will start serving hot food at 6 AM and will close down the hot food portion at 8 PM.

"The horses in the stables are not to be fed junk food under any circumstances. Ms. Moonstar informs me the next person who slips them one of those deep fried fruit pies will be cleaning out the stalls with a bucket, a sponge, and no powers. And I agree with her.

"The Shi'ar mainframe in this school needs to have its resources used responsibly. Mr. Ramsey will disable your access to the internet if he catches anyone trying to host things like Warcraft sessions on it."

Roommate Assignments )
Fred followed the Logan girl into the manor, examining his surroundings carefully. Well it certainly had the appearance of a school, though Fred knew there was far more to this place than that. He was eager to speak with those in charge.


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