ESU had plenty of opportunities for students to volunteer to help after the Godstorm rolled across the city. Jay was dressed in an ESU hoodie and out to help. Not a lot of white and purple in his outfit, so he hoped people wouldn't recognize him as the giant, green guy who had rampaged through the city a few months ago.

He was under a make-shift tent picking up care packages of bottled water, food, and blankets to be delivered to people living nearby. Jay had decided it was nice to be out instead of holed up in a room and brooding. He'd done enough of that recently.

He may have overloaded himself a little with care packages. But he figured he wasn't going to get a regular work-out today, hauling around stuff for other people would do.
The Godstorm came at New York City, gathering other storms nearby to it. It wanted power Thor's little hammer couldn't easily undo. The Godstorm had underestimated the god once. If he showed up again, he would be ready. His reach was expansive. All along the Atlantic Coast, they felt his raging wrath. Even glancing touches from his circulating clouds brought damage.

There was warning he was coming, but Godstorm cared not one whit. He want right toward the harbor, using its funneling effect and the high tides from the moon to shove torrents of water into the megalopolis. He pushed on shore, making his way inland.

He was looking for something. Not that the small people trying to survive the hurricane coming ashore knew that. Their survival was not even a concern. He just pushed on land and spread his reach. He pushed his storm inland and the requisite flooding came with it. The winds howled and shards of glass broke off skyscrapers and added sharp damage to the mayhem.
It had been so long since he had felt the sensation of physical flesh and blood. In fact he had no idea just how long it had been. Time in Mephisto's Hell blurred as one torment seemed to melt into another in an endless cycle of pain and depravity. It came to the point where he could barely remember his own living past. Through all the torment he did remember a few things, his name, that he had been someone of importance, and an undying hatred of Captain America. These facts somehow kept his soul from completely breaking under the pain. It seemed his stubborn refusal to simply be just another broken soul caught Mephisto's attention, and the Hell-Lord had made him a singular offer. In exchange for a new, demonic life upon Earth once more, Zemo had to destroy the Avengers within a years time. If successful, Heinrich would be reborn as a human in the prime of his life. Failure would mean complete annihilation. In the end it was really no choice at all. Heinrich accepted, and using his newfound powers, returned to the Earthly plane. To Zemo's surprise more time had passed than he had imagined, a new group of striplings now made up the Avengers. As much as he desired vengeance on Captain America, he had to fulfill his contract with Mephisto first. That meant that these children had to die. Zemo was no fool and knew arrogance had led to his death and would not underestimate his opponents again.

His transformation into a demon had not just been physical, but also mental. Zemo learned that he now had a much greater affinity for dark magicks. While a man of science in life, Zemo would use any tool he had to to gain what he desired. Converting his body into raw, demonic essence, he moved through the night sky unseen by the humans below until he came to the headquarters of the Avengers. He moved towards it, his essence expanding and bonding with the building, an action completely unnoticeable to those on the street. When finished, all reality within the building was his to manipulate. Time to see just what these modern-day wunderkind could do.
"Gentlemen, behold!" Marcus made a grand gesture toward the red and white structure before them. It had taken nearly seven hours to get to Chester, WV and it wasn't exactly on their way, but what kind of Brit would he be if he passed up the opportunity to visit the "World's Largest Teapot"? He had a duty to himself, his mother country, and his teammates. Especially since this would be the last opportunity to drag Jay across the country before his college classes started.

Whipping out his handy guide to roadside attractions, he thumbed to the correct page and peered at the attraction information. "Apparently, it began life as a keg..."

It was not, strictly speaking, the best looking teapot he'd ever seen. The size was impressive, though.
"There you go, officers," Ryan landed down in front of the Timely Bank and Trust, the two would-be bank-robbers encased in hard-to-break coils of cosmic energy. He'd been there to grab some cash for a haircut when the two dunderheads had decided to try and rob the place.

Seriously, who even robs banks in New York anymore? Between all of the various superhero groups - and they were on their third generation of heroes now, really - it was one of the stupidest things to do.

"Thank you...Lucent Lad?" The officer looked up at Ryan, raising an eyebrow.

"Stellar, actually," Ryan replied with a grin. It was designed to hold back a grimace."Lucent Lad was too...dorky." That had been the name he'd chosen for himself back when he and his brother Jacob had first moved back to New York He'd changed the codename soon thereafter. Sadly, though, some people still remembered it. "Anyway, though! Money's back in the safe. They're all checking to make sure things balance. I gotta jet but, you know. You might wanna tell these knuckleheads that robbing banks in New York is so eighteen-hundreds."

With a wave, he flew back up into the air, relishing the feel of the rushing wind against his face. When he was high enough, he turned away from midtown and headed towards his stylists' place, lost in thought.

A lot had happened in the last couple of weeks, it felt like. Remi and Alexa had given birth to their baby. The Pier had been attacked by a group of villains. He'd had some auditions that had gone really well, and others that had gone less so. (But he was doing a small thing off-Broadway, so that was nice.)

He sometimes wondered what it'd be like to settle down and start a family of his own but, realistically, he was far from ready for that. There was so much he still had to do, so much he still had to experience. So much growing he still had left to do. It worked for people like Remi and Alexa, but for people like Ryan...

Not yet.

He landed in front of his stylist's realized he still had an hour to kill before he went in.

Heh. Oops. He flew over the street and landed in front of the coffee shop that was directly opposite the salon. Coffee and a muffin couldn't hurt...
(this immediately follows this post:

Bruce sat in his chair in the meeting room, mulling over the report he was writing for the files on their battle at Project Pegasus.  Yes, they'd stopped the super-villains, but he had the feeling that they'd really lost the day.  According to PEGASUS's inventory, a handful of scientific devices had been stolen, but nothing that was expressly dangerous in and of itself.  Just various pieces of energy research.

Sure, you could probably eventually turn some of it into a power source for a weapon, but there were way easier ways out there.  And how had they managed to steal anything?  Security cameras briefly showed some kind of blur, but not one of the super-villains they'd been fighting.

It didn't add up.

Fortunately, the others (and their new SHIELD Liaison, possibly less fortunate there) were on their way for a meeting.  He'd even (somewhat reluctantly) called in Vincent to get a scientific viewpoint on things.

Mrs. Grekova had told her she was in danger of growing roots herself if she stayed in the shop any longer that day -even though it wasn't even lunchtime- and had practically shooed her out the door with her pay for a full day, and the promise of a bonus if she didn't come back the next day, just for her own health, because working all the time wasn't good for a young woman.

So she'd laughed, as she always did, since this was something that happened every few weeks, and went home to stash the money she wasn't going to use and to collect Bob -who always passed as some kind of art project or puppet if he perched on her shoulder while she was out in public- so that they could go for an outing, she figured that a trip to the zoo would do them both some good.

She debated packing a lunch, but after re-counting her day's pay, decided against it, because she could afford a lunch at the cafe, or she'd stop for a sandwich on the way home. And so it was with Bob in a small dog harness that she headed down the street to hop the bus, too warm to walk the whole way to the zoo, even though it wasn't far.
Project PEGASUS, located outside Mount Athena, New York, was one of the premier energy research facilities in the world, exploring all manner of exotic technologies and resources.  It had, at times, been used to hold energy-empowered super-criminals, and had, at times, boasted super-humans as their security directors, ranging from the Thing to the Blue Shield to Darkhawk.  Neither of those were a factor these days.

But it was still a tempting target to many a super-villain and other criminals. 

Such as today.  Several members of the Lethal Legion had arrived, assaulting the compound.

A call for help went out to the Avengers.
Mira was scrambling, trying to find something decent to wear, even if technically she was just going to visit Vincent in the lab.  Six outfits later she came out of her room, Lucifer over her shoulder.  She was actually wearing HEELS!  the skirt was tastefully summery and the sleeveless blouse looked more model than rocker.  

"Ugh, I'm already running late,"  She started for the door, dialing for a cab because no way in hell was she going to ride her bike in this get up.  Hopefully no one else in the house would see her dolled up, she had a feeling she'd never live it down.
Who: Mira and any Avengers around
What: movie night?

Okay, so popping in a movie at dark thirty in the morning probably wasn't a good thing, but Mira had taken over the TV and was curled up on the couch with a large bowl of popcorn beside her, one of the robotic teddy bears she had been working on in her lap, shifting a little she made herself comfortable before pushing the button to turn on the movie.

Movie of choice tonight? Young Frankenstein, because who can resist a black and white? The pile on the table before her is just as silly, Men in Tights and Monty Python and the Holy Grail.  Snagging a handful of popcorn she pops one kernel into her mouth at a time as the movie starts.  
Erin finally has something resembling a break. So she is messing around on her lap top. Just seeing what she can find on the internet. It is because she is bored out of her mind. Somehow she ended up on an Avenger's fan site.

She keeps reading. For a few minutes she is just amused by everything she finds.

Now she is making more and more horrified sounds. Something is obviously hurting her brain and she should stop what she is doing and step away from the laptop. But it's sort of like a car crash. She knows she shouldn't look but she can't quite stop herself.

Until it gets really weird. "What the hell."

And she shuts the top of her laptop. Yeah. No. Can't read that again. It's a little too weird.
Ree had the car drive the block around the Avengers Mansion for almost an hour before she instructed her driver to pull over just in front. It had taken her the full measure of the hour to work up her courage and her nerve as well as to understand just how detail-exact everything was from memory. The overlap of memory and reality was probably the most confusing and difficult part. Most difficult if she didn't consider how weak her reason for visiting the Avengers was or just how much she resembled a former one of their own--the Scarlet Witch. The resemblance was why she'd chosen to wear blue and keep her hair pulled tightly back, the severity of her look almost enough to make one guess if she was somehow related to the Atlanteans she represented. Ree did kind of look a little like everyone.

Namor himself had given her her reason for visiting the Avengers and it was his endorsement that let her open the door of the car, step out, and instruct her driver to return in an hour unless otherwise called. That she was genuinely a representative of Trident utterly unrelated to Oracle gave her the nerve to ring the bell. Everything else was pure determination. After all there was no reason for her to be intimidated. She was, in a matter of speaking, home.
WHEN: Friday afternoon
WHAT: May needs to have words with Jay
WHERE: His room
WHO: Jay and May

It's been sometime since she's seen Jay. )
After Jay turned into a regular human guy in a pair of shorts hugging Aether's neck (with maybe a bit of help from Sara), he went directly back to the Avengers' mansion. Having Hulked out this badly before, the sometimes green teen followed the precedent set and became reclusive. He locked himself (and Boo) in his large room and refused to come out.

Jarvis had seen him the most and had gotten concerned about the diminishing size of the amount of food Jay had been eating. Jay's mother had come back to New York immediately after hearing her son had rampaged through the city. She currently was back on the Keewazi rez to get his father and bring Wyatt Wingfoot to New York to help with Jay.

Today, the teen was getting a little stir crazy in his room. Though he had Boo and Keewazi tech for entertainment, he thought he could maybe take a small walk around the mansion. If he was moving around, maybe less people would knock on his door to try to get him to come out. Also, he could avoid them easier if he wasn't in one spot.
The eight foot tall Hulk wandered the streets, not really knowing where it was. Its heavy footfall sometimes making things shake just a little. Most people and things gave it a wide berth. Those that didn't got growled at; then they gave it an entire sidewalk to itself.

It wasn't sure where it was going. It had just destroyed the building that had captured it. Or destroyed the building over the mad doctor's lab who had captured it. Either way, there was rubble behind the Hulk, on its shoulders, and in its hair.

It walked down the street, looking around. It was trying to figure out where it could go to have some peace. To get away from the doctor it had left behind in the rubble.
Jay had less of his senior year in front of him than he thought. He was behind on his senior year job shadowing. Most of his fellow students on the rez had access to all the Keewazi technology businesses and labs to do theirs in. He was in New York City and had fewer options.

He knew he could have gone to the Future Foundation and gotten credit for it. However, him showing up at Pier 4 would have been a signal for Mary to prank him somehow. Rather than deal having to redo somethings due a prankster shapeshifter, Jay got some suggestions from his school for some science-based businesses in NYC that he could get credit for.

Jay currently stood outside a nondescript building housing several businesses that could fit his science job shadowing requirement. He checked the slip of paper once more to make sure he had the right address. If he had not been specifically looking for this building, he doubted he would have even noticed it.

Shrugging to himself, he headed toward the front doors. He had an appointment with one of the businesses inside. He was dressed in a light jacket over a button-down shirt, his cleanest pair of jeans, and his pair of green Chuck Taylor All Stars on his feet. Not very science-y, but comfortable to him.
The portal from Vincent's magic opened on one of the middle levels of the Norse universe. Snow crunched under boots and bare feet as the Avengers assembled in the realm of giants. The sharp, craggy land was as welcoming as an ice pick between the shoulder blades. But out there in the cold and blowing landscape was a young girl waiting to be rescued.
Her six months of "water time" were up. Now, as she did every year this time, Kassi had to return to the Surface to do her rotation with her mother. The only trouble this time was that the rotation came while Kassi was legitimately busy in Atlantis participating in the annual event known as War Games. As Kassi was technically "of age" in Atlantean society and being groomed for military leadership she was expected to participate during the entire event. That she was half Surface Dweller didn't matter to the public. Still, some fashion of compromise was made--and Kassi wondered just what sort of fit her mother had thrown to make it so--and Kassi returned to the Surface and the Avengers as planned.

...albeit in what was essentially a metal bikini, carrying a trident, and with blood smudged on her face.

"Humans! I'm home."
Tensions were running high, but that was par for the course, given everything that had just happened. The Avengers were back at Avengers Mansion, mugs of hot tea, hot cocoa, and mead being passed around as wounds and injuries were tended to and salves and painkillers were being administered by Night Nurse, who had presumably been called in by Jarvis.

Niklas Thorson of Asgard - currently better known as Nicky Blake of Midgard - snapped the cape off of his armor and leaned against the wall. He was silent, waiting for the planning to commence, of things that needed to happen next. It was something he would be left out of - Hela had succeeded in locking him out of Asgard for the forseeable future - but he was only too glad to stay here and help out with the planning, give the others whatever information they needed about his home...perhaps give them a note to send to his father, who he had not seen for awhile now.

Gratefully, he accepted a large, frothy mug of mead from Jarvis and took a long gulp.

Then, when everyone seemed as though they were ready, Nicky nodded his head.

“I suppose we should work out a plan for what comes next.”


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