The Godstorm came at New York City, gathering other storms nearby to it. It wanted power Thor's little hammer couldn't easily undo. The Godstorm had underestimated the god once. If he showed up again, he would be ready. His reach was expansive. All along the Atlantic Coast, they felt his raging wrath. Even glancing touches from his circulating clouds brought damage.

There was warning he was coming, but Godstorm cared not one whit. He want right toward the harbor, using its funneling effect and the high tides from the moon to shove torrents of water into the megalopolis. He pushed on shore, making his way inland.

He was looking for something. Not that the small people trying to survive the hurricane coming ashore knew that. Their survival was not even a concern. He just pushed on land and spread his reach. He pushed his storm inland and the requisite flooding came with it. The winds howled and shards of glass broke off skyscrapers and added sharp damage to the mayhem.
The decrepit-looking hotel near a waterfall in Colombia was a case of the facade not quite matching the interior. Early 20th century grandeur fought against years of disuse and nature's reclamation. While the first floor retained some of it's moldy and waterlogged appearance, it was a deception to keep the local guerillas uninterested in the goings on inside the building. With late night experiments leading to flashing lights in some of the windows, the locals, gun-toting or not, spoke about the old hotel as a haunted location.

The head of that nest was counting on interlopers of the goody-two-shoe variety. Though the planned team wasn't the ones in blue and white. Either way, Huntress 19 had called in assistance from extra nests.
Tracking HYDRA activity was a full-time job for some. While New York had been relatively quiet except for a few blips that had been chased after, more solid intel had come from Colombia. It seemed something big was happening there. Some of the faces identified were from the attempted assassination of Silver Sable a few years ago. While Sammy Fury's team had caught most of that nest in New York City, a few had slipped their grasp.

So, with names and a location, a mission was ordered. Summons were sent out to a small team of agents. A room in the Helicarrier awaited their arrivals.
Alisa was not surprised that her picture was leaked to the media. Not surprised there was now a manhunt out for her. And totally not surprised that her job at the MET distanced themselves from her, and promptly fired her. Good. She hated her job, she hated all of it, she hated everything and everyone now.

Thankfully, no one linked her to Alistaire Shaw (publicly at least), and she left Steve Coulson with enough evidence to arrest her. If anyone was going to do that, it would be him. For now, she stuck to alleyways and the rooftops. She could feel the anger coming from the city... The police were mad she had taken out four officers, people were mad a mutant freak was running about, and she... loved it.

It was almost like a dance with how she moved. Swift, graceful, and damn near unstoppable. Why did she not just let herself go years ago? Why did she hold on to those useless emotions and desire for love and friendship. Creating utter chaos was just so much more fun!

Joe crept into the loft quietly and carried his bag back to the bedroom, careful to set it down so it didn't give away the object within. He'd been gone for several weeks on an assignment for SHIELD and run into Quinn Barton. He'd tried to talk the former SHIELD agent into coming back and explaining himself but Quinn sucker-punched him and escaped. Joe was still pissed about that but he'd put it in his report..

He hoped Roxanne wasn't too made about him not calling. But in case she was pissed, he'd brought back-up.

"Yo, Alex! You here?" Joe called out. No answer. Joe thanked the gods because he wasn't up to listening to his roommate's mocking and passive-aggressive behavior.

"Roxie? You here?" Joe called out. No answer. Okay, good. That gave him time to set up a surprise. He pulled out his phone and called their favorite Chinese restaurant.

"Hey, Mr. Shin. It's Joe Rogers. Yeah, I need your special tonight. All the stuff the lady loves. No, I'm not in the doghouse. At least I don't think I am. Yeah, go ahead and send all of it, just to be on the safe side." he said.

Then he sent Roxie a text.

Dinner. My place. Tonight. Come on over. Pretty sure you've got a key. :)


New York City high society had been absolutely buzzing over this April's charity gala by a certain Mr. Tony Stark. It was seen as exclusive, or as exclusive as his 200 person guest list could be. Some invitations were a given, like Tony's daughter Alexa, whereas others came from what the party planners figured as the right people to make the party memorable or talked about.

The charity event was for the charitable arm of Stark Inc., Stark International. Despite being for charity, it was also seen as a good way for businesses to be seen and network.

The event was held at the Hudson in the Library and Private Park space. It would comfortably fit the people into its 2,600 Square Feet.

The information on Nick Fury's desk read like the sum of all fears. In the midst of everything happening around the world, both mutant and non-mutant related, someone had been working under the radar to obtain equipment for a weapon of mass destruction. They were smart enough to not hit the major production hubs, like Stark or Fujikawa, and had settled for going to second or third-rate sources for what they were looking for. But when certain items popped up on watch lists throughout the world, SHIELD got wind of the information long before anyone else did.

This wasn't big enough to warrant a heavy-hitter response but it was too big to send rookie agents on. Big team would tip the bad guys off from ten miles away and make them adjust their plans but he couldn't spare Sharon, Maria or any of his top agents. So Fury thought of the next best thing and pressed the alert beacon on his desk for two agents he was sure could get the job done.

Sammy's and Joe's phones would receive simulatneous texts indicating that the proverbial ballon had gone up and that they were to report to the Helicarrier within one hour for debriefing and deployment.

Mission time.

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Joe checked the building twice over before he pulled his bike into the garage and closed the door. The last couple of days had really taken a toll on his sanity. He was holding up well but being back home was good. He went to the fridge and pulled out a few things for making a sandwich because he hadn't eaten much while he and Sammy were on the way to Leavenworth. Now that he was back, he could relax and get his head in order before he went off after Jason Landon or before Landon came after him.

He also had to talk to Roxanne about things and that reminded him to be quiet in case she was sleeping. He sat down at the counter in the kitchen and dug into his sandwich, relishing having real food again.

His mind wandered to the idea of Roxanne sleeping and thinking she probably looked like an angel. Was she a morning person? Probably not.

Finishing his sandwich and finding himself with a bit extra energy, Joe went to his room and changed into some sweats and a t-shirt with running shoes. If nothing else, he might at least get a work-out in.

He dropped to the floor and began the first five-hundred push-ups.

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Joe stepped outside and called his parents first, letting them know what was going on. He asked them to be extremely careful. Dad asked if he needed help and Joe declined, saying that he was on the case and had it under control. Moreover, he didn't want his parents cleaning up his messes. They didn't sound happy about it, but they respected his wishes.

Once he hung up with them, he dialed Roxanne's cellphone. He was surprised at how much he missed her and how often he'd been thinking of her during the drive already. When this was over, he'd see her again and then they'd talk about a few things, if they were both ready.

He waited for her to answer and hoped she was all right.

(Immediately following this.)


Joe headed down to the garage and got on his bike, kicking the engine to life. He put in his bluetooth and dialed Sammy's number, waiting for his oldest friend to answer.

"Hey, I need you. Something just happened and I need some back-up. You available?" Joe asked as he sped away from the house.

The night after their discussion, Joe followed Roxie's instructions to get into the building and headed upstairs to the apartment to check it out. He politely declined the doorman's offer of assistance as he didn't want to frighten the poor guy with the weight of his bags or their contents. Between all the clothing and weapons, Joe knew Uncomfortable Questions might be asked so he avoid the whole situation by carrying his own things.


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Joe hit the rooftop and rolled immediately to spread out the impact, glad that his reinforced boots absorbed the shock better than his old ones. He came up from the roll and kept running, his black trenchcoat moving behind him like a cape. The scents and sounds of New York were so familiar, so inviting that the cold night didn't seem foreboding at all. In fact, it was so inviting that he'd almost wished he'd come home sooner.


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