As soon as Vincent is about to arrive to collect anyone willing to go with him on the rescue mission to Asgard things start to go very wrong. There is suddenly snow pouring down from the sky in Times Square and reports of Frost Giants coming out to attack different parts of the city. The Avengers are going to have to decide what they are going to do really fast.
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(bendytime to after the "Dire Wraith" invasion, but before Asgard stuff.  Probably)

When sign-ups for the evals had gone up, Bruce had made sure he was first on the list.  Team leader, his responsibility, all that, blah blah blah.

At the appointed time, he headed to Ms. Pryde-Wisdom's office.

Deep breaths, Brucie-boy, he thought to himself.  You did fine.  I'm sure.

((OOC Note: This takes place immediately after this post))

Jay had not wasted much time once he ascertained that Audhild was truly gone and not conveniently stashed under a table or something. He never took a trickster for granted. His heavy footfalls sounded down the hallways as he scrambled to find someone more responsible than him.

Possibly someone with more tact to tell Vincent.

Maybe the former X-Lady was around. Jay did not really pay attention to what her schedule was.
This was good. This was very good. Vincent smiled to himself as he removed the goggles he wore during final assembly of the exoskeleton he'd been working on for Stark. (He didn't need them, given his physiology, but there had been something about insurance regulations, and some comment about someone named 'Monstro' from Damage Control still wearing a hardhat.)

Well, the project he and the rest of the team had been working on. Stark had given him some stock lines about needing to learn to work as part of a team, whether or not defending the planet was involved. Not that Vincent was looking forward to admitting it, but the old man had been right. Besides not taking on all the work himself, having to explain the finer points of his designs had forced Vincent to reexamine some of the schematics and find several improvements to be made.

"Mister McDonough," Vincent addressed their first human volunteer for the prototype's testing, "Oh behalf of the company, we want to thank you again for your assistance. Are you ready to begin?"

The older man nodded, with a twinkle in his eye for some reason that Vincent couldn't quite identify, and extended his hand. It was palsied. Two of Vincent's teammates helped slip the exoskeleton in place over it. It was slightly bulky, and more than a little garish, but all the initial tests had been positive so far.
It wasn't really that big of a deal that she was still figuring stuff out, right? Of course she was having some problems with her folks again which was really nothing new. She was used to them going between being okay parents and jerk-faces. That was fine she could deal with that. She knew just what buttons to press when it came to them.

Se still realizes that she needs to do something about her powers. Her fighting skills in her mind are to be mocked so hard. She's going to shape up when it comes to that because damn it she's a Sterling. Sterlings don't let things like this slide.

Only she has no idea how to start. Working on her powers or something else? She chews on her lip in thought while pacing around one of the living room areas trying to figure that out. She had way too much to work on if she wanted to even think of staying because she really didn't like the idea of putting people at risk.

That couldn't happen. No way. She'd just figure this out somehow.
Tony didn't spend an overly large amount of time at the Avenger's mansion these days. Not if he could help it. This was a special occasion, though. Today, he was going to introduce the kid to their new teacher. He suspected that many of them knew of her already, but proper introductions were only polite. Besides, he wanted to make sure They all knew to give her the proper respect. Anyone who gave her issues would answer to him and his primary methods of discipline were pay cuts and firing... nobody wanted that.

He waited with Kitty in the main living room at the mansion and waited for the kids to gather.
It wasn't every day that Kitty was invited to Stark Tower. She could not hazard a guess why Tony Stark needed to speak with her--and his receptionist had been less than forthcoming with the details. The meeting was made for her earliest convenience--the Tuesday after her weekend spent at the Mansion. The weekend in question had gone quite well, if she did say so herself. No sudden attacks, no having to save the universe from some immediate threat, just peace and quiet time that she could spend with her family. Though she felt that peace and quiet, the pending meeting with Mr. Stark that was to follow left her feeling puzzled when she pondered it.

The only times she had actually met the man happened some years ago when she was an X-Man, and then later on when she was with Excalibur. They each had some sort of connection to SHIELD, but she wagered that he saw more of them than she did. She would make her monthly reports and a handful of times during the year she would speak to one of the field operatives, or Director Fury himself, but that was the extent of that. This was a tad out of the norm, which left Kitty feeling even more curious.

Kitty arrived to the Tower's lobby ten minutes before the meeting time. She was wearing a dark blue drape front taffeta dress and gold colored three inch heels. She had left her hair down, but she had smoothed out some of its unruly waves while she was getting ready. She rarely had an occasion to dress up in such a way, and she thought this meeting might call for it.

"Katherine Pryde Wisdom to see Mr. Stark," she told the receptionist. The woman directed her to sit, but Kitty opted to stand at the far end of the counter, letting her eyes drift over the door she presumed that she would be entering. She crossed her arms, fidgeted, and shifted her gold bangle around her wrist.


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