ESU had plenty of opportunities for students to volunteer to help after the Godstorm rolled across the city. Jay was dressed in an ESU hoodie and out to help. Not a lot of white and purple in his outfit, so he hoped people wouldn't recognize him as the giant, green guy who had rampaged through the city a few months ago.

He was under a make-shift tent picking up care packages of bottled water, food, and blankets to be delivered to people living nearby. Jay had decided it was nice to be out instead of holed up in a room and brooding. He'd done enough of that recently.

He may have overloaded himself a little with care packages. But he figured he wasn't going to get a regular work-out today, hauling around stuff for other people would do.
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([personal profile] ngm_foes Jun. 2nd, 2014 04:11 pm)
It had been a nice, quiet weekday afternoon in New York. For once, it actually seemed as though there wasn't going to be any kind of trouble afoot.

That would have been nice, had it been true.

It happened suddenly, as things of this sort tended to happen. Out of seemingly nowhere, it appeared in the middle of Chinatown. A large, hulking, two-dimensional being stomping around.

And it only yelled one thing as it started to wreak havoc.

Marcelo Alencar da Silva had been in surgery for a few hours. He had been completely unaware of law enforcement locking down the city block his building was on. He had not been aware of much outside of trying to stay awake until some doctor like person told him it was okay to sleep.

The doctors had worked hard. As precisely as the sword had been impaled into their patient, they had to be just as precise to make sure he did not bleed out all over the operating table. Those doctors lived and worked in New York, home of the Avengers and Fantastic Four. Yet, they were never quite prepared for people stabbed with swords.

Even with a very close call, the Brazilian patient was rolled out to recovery. As the nurses and doctors monitored him, the surgeon went out to explain to his fiancee how things went. When the medical personnel were sure he was stable enough, he was sent to his own private room and allowed to have visitors.
After getting a small feeling working with a bunch of heroes to bring down some supernatural goings on in the city, Vesper determinedly updated his gear. A few test runs and some tweaking, he now had a fully upgraded suit. Now, the bat-suited man was trying to get back on regular patrols. With his recent engagement and his father in town for business, he had been a little lax on getting out.

An updraft helped carry him higher as he looked for action. He felt the need to put feet and fists into good use. Or maybe the new gear needed a night out. Either way he was scouring the streets with his hearing to find something other than noise from televisions that sounded dangerous.
Central Park
1:26 pm

The portal from Limbo opened easily and without triggering the wards that warned those mystically sensitive of what was happening in the city.  S'ym's erstwhile ally had seen to that.  Not that S'ym trusted him further than he could throw him, but he had been truthful enough in what he could provide. 

Other demons, made temporarily invisible, followed him out of the portal.

"You all know S'ym's plan," he said.  "Raise hell out there.  Make the humans panic.  The more chaos we sow, the weaker our ally makes the barrier between dimensions.  And when that happens, he says this world will belong to S'ym!  And what's good for S'ym is good for all of you!"

The demons began to cheer.

S'ym puffed on his cigar.  "But it's gonna take all of you doin' what we do best.  Killin' folks, corruptin' this world, just like we done before.  Only there ain't no X-Men here to stop us this time!  No little Darkchylde to ruin things!  This time... this world... will... be... OURS!"

The demons flew off, ready to raise hell. 



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