Alexa had been attempting to take it easy following her caffinated adventures with the Tiki Freaks. It wasn't all that difficult, really, especially since Remi had finally opened up with the l-bomb and she decided to take full advantage of it by spending extra time with him, even joining him in his tank--which had the interesting side effect of making the baby kick her harder and be generally more belligerent inside her. Alexa wondered exactly how much of the Atlantean genes were going to end up expressed in the baby, just like she wondered if the world was really ready for an Atlantean Stark. Remi's sister, Kassi, seemed to think so. Remi seemed horrified by the idea a little. The only person who hadn't weighed in was the original Stark himself.

Alexa hadn't really talked to him since they argued after rescuing Remi from cross dimensional insanity. She hadn't really seen him since her return from coffee hell and she realized that she needed to change that, even if to just stop in and notify him that she was fine. Her mother had asked her to do at least that.

So mid-morning on a Tuesday Alexa shuffled her overly pregnant self to Tony's office.
It had been, and continued to be, trying times for Rose Logan. At least the media circus had largely dissipated, but the underage Logan children were definitely under a fair amount of scrutiny from the DCFS people. Which made it a heck of a lot harder to sneak out for her beer and smokes.

And there was the added... whatever it was that was going on with her life right now. Whatever it meant that she didn't smell like her brothers and sister or Pops. She still hadn't figured out how to talk to Misha or Pops about it. Really needed to. Needed to talk to someone. And not any of the docs either, 'cause they'd just point her to Pops.

Dang it. Why'd life have to go and get all flippin' complicated?

So for now, she'd been working her way through a Danger Room exercise. Simulated Tokyo neighborhood, Hand ninjas. Perfect aggression therapy. So long as she kept just enough self-control not to max out on red hot rage.

The program terminated when the last ninja was down. Rose was healing from a variety of sword slices, sai stabs, and other cuts. Holographic blood faded from her claws. She was breathing hard, but that was slowing.

Deep breaths, in and out. Keep that icy calm cold center.
Mrs. Mary MacNeilly's report to the New York State Education Department was far from glowing. Her report caused a lot more concern and shock than normal process usually allowed. They did their research on previous inspections just to see how long this mutant school problem had been going on. Despite their research showing there had never been an issue as large as what was put before them, they had to take action on what Mrs. MacNeilly had reported.

The NYSED informed the superintendent in the district Xavier's was located in of the issue. They also got in touch with Westchester County's office about Xavier's certificate of occupancy due to the structural damage Mrs. MacNeilly had witnessed happening to the school building. With the report of mutants on the grounds the state and county governments got their information squared away before sending representatives to the school with protection from law enforcement. Child Protective Services got into the loop after being informed of a young girl living at the school surrounded by mutants who quite possibly could not control their powers.

As the media got wind of what was coming to a quiet yet secretive school in upstate New York, TV stations sent crews out. Some of the government representatives were glad to talk vaguely about what was happening at the school live. With the cameras aimed to put the people going into the school on film, a TV reporter stepped into the frame.

"This is Samantha Boulevard here not far from the town of Salem Center in Westchester County. Government officials from the New York State Education Department are here delivering a notice of probation for the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning. The school came under scrutiny recently during an inspection by a certified educational inspector. My sources have told me that this school poses as a private institution for education but has been revealed to be habitat for mutants."
Suited up, Amiko made her way through the Tokyo sky near the Big Hero 6 building, generally in her element and where she was supposed to be.

It was always good to have family over, though as far as public knowledge was concerned, of course, this was Not Happening At All. The Hand was at the top of the list, Takeshi second, but there were so many possible problems for Misha she didn't want word spreading.

So she kept her eyes open. Like that'd work.
Her father's annual visit had actually be pretty recent, but that didn't stop the need to check up on everyone. Amiko put down her paperwork on her fledgling team long enough to call Misha.

"So what do you think of the Mets' chances in the coming season?"
On his knees in the training room, Misha out his hand. "Right here. Hit my hand right in the center. I'll give you a dollar if you can tag it."


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