It had been several weeks since Julia had found her way to the Xavier Mansion. Several long frustrating weeks, interspersed with a few explosions and moments of sheer terror. She'd thought of giving up and moving on to somewhere else, but she had a gut feeling that this was the best place for her. They were certainly used to unusual happenings, after all.

If she could only get someone to notice her.

Sure, they'd noticed her presence, but every time she'd tried to communicate, all she'd done was scare someone. So, she'd stopped trying to interact directly, and started practicing another method. She'd started with small objects, working on them until she could control their movements. From there, large objects weren't too hard. Now, she was ready to try something more complex.

She drifted into one of the empty classrooms and made her way to a computer station.  She closed her eyes, and concentrated on what she wanted to do.

Can't mess it up this time.

She ran her fingers into the box and thought, hard.  A phrase popped up on every monitor connected to the school network.

Help Me

When: Anytime between 11 am and about 4 pm, Saturday (possibly earlier if you're helping her bake, could be later for an afterparty/cleanup)
Where: Cafeteria, Xavier Institute for the Gifted
What: Free Cupcakes! 

The beginning of a new school year was always exciting and stressful at the same time. There were always, however, countless special activities and programs to help people in the beginning of their transition into the new year, or into studying at Xavier's. What was not often addressed however, was the doldrums that could sometimes set in as September wore on and everything fell into an 'ordinary' pattern. Special activities tended to drop off, not to really roll around again until Halloween. 

This was an unacceptable situation for Kayla Emily Connors. Some small gesture had to be made, something to show the student populace that random whimsy was totally acceptable. 

Getting permission from the school authorities, she set up a little booth outside the Cafeteria, behind which were boxes and boxes of cupcakes that she'd baked. Chocolate ones, vanilla ones, ones with raspberry frosting, those delicious salted caramel ones, carrot cake ones with cream cheese frosting- she'd forg
one the peanut butter ones on account of possible allergies. She'd put up a handful of colourful signs advertising 'FREE CUPCAKES" around the school. She'd of course, instructed her better friends amongst the school to distribute the news through any way they could. 

And so it was, that Kayla Connors found herself cheerfully standing behind a little booth in the cafeteria, handing out free cupcakes to anyone who wanted one. 
Class had only been in session for a couple days at Xavier's. Labor Day had come and gone. There were more students on campus than in previous semesters. The buzz from first day jitters had settled down. Routines were starting to be picked up. It was currently the small span of time between the end of classes for the day and the beginning of after-school activities.

A mile from the main house, a very determined man wearing purple and dark blue was setting up. He took note of various things like the range to the target, wind direction, wind velocity, air density, elevation, and the Coriolis effect. As well as the effect the window he was going to shoot through would have on his very special bullet. He peered through his scope. This would be an extremely tricky shot, but the entire operation was waiting on him to start it. He needed to take out the biggest problem on that campus. The new construction getting into his way didn't help matters.

He eventually lined up a clear shot and waited. He caught a flash of red in the window. The target must have been sitting at her desk. The sniper grinned slightly to himself. He took in a breath, let it half out, and then squeezed the trigger.
The one-of-a-kind bullet made of non-magnetic material blasted out of the barrel of the sniper rifle. His aim was dead on. He quickly tapped the signal to have the first ones launch their attack.

The walls along Graymalkin Lane were breached explosively in multiple places. Most near security nodes to delay the time the security system roused. Men and women in black tabards with white crosses poured through the openings. They ran toward the buildings and any visible muties on the grounds. They all had been itching for some action since the debacle at Veridian Dynamics. Being underground for this long made the need for mutie blood strong among the Purifiers.
With the opening of the school post-Labor Day fast approaching, it was time to open the dorms to the student populations. This was being done so most of the interior of the mansion (above the subbasements) could be remodeled and re-utilized for more academic means.

It was bright and early on that late August morning the headmaster of Xavier's had the students and staff gather for announcements. Things had to change at how parts of Xavier's were ran. Gone were the days of it being a home first and school second.

Rachel went to the front of the gathered crowd and used her telepathy to augment her voice so everyone could hear her.

"Good morning, everyone. Today, we officially open the two dorms to student living." She used one hand to gesture to the two large buildings behind the mansion and opposite each other across the width. "The students will spend the day moving out today from the mansion into the boys' and girls' dorms. Some of the roommate assignments have been updated and adjusted as needed. The assignments have been posted in both your current dorms and your new one. If you don't have a roommate at this moment, do not think you've lucked out. We have students returning and new ones enrolling after Labor Day."

She took a breath. "With this move to the dorms, comes a change in how this school proceeds. Under my predecessor, the school had more leeway and could be like a home before an educational institution. Now, with the watchful eyes hoping we fail, we have to move how we do things into a more proper school setting. With that in mind, more rules have been instituted to get us in line with those terms of existence."

She took a small breath. "The cafeteria kitchen is now off-limits to students. Only those with prior permission and reason to be there will be allowed in. It is up to Ms. Blaire's and my discretion on whom that is. Food in the cafeteria will be supplied on a 24 hour basis, but do not expect hot food once the kitchen has been closed down for the night. The cafeteria will start serving hot food at 6 AM and will close down the hot food portion at 8 PM.

"The horses in the stables are not to be fed junk food under any circumstances. Ms. Moonstar informs me the next person who slips them one of those deep fried fruit pies will be cleaning out the stalls with a bucket, a sponge, and no powers. And I agree with her.

"The Shi'ar mainframe in this school needs to have its resources used responsibly. Mr. Ramsey will disable your access to the internet if he catches anyone trying to host things like Warcraft sessions on it."

Roommate Assignments )
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Dolemeck had become more active at the mansion since he got there. He had begun swimming with the help of his powers and trusted friends, and had worked on his sewing when he had time to himself. There were so many possibilities at this mansion, many he never thought possible. It was like the world was now his oyster.

That said, Dolemeck decided to take the time to watch the sun set over the lake on the mansion grounds. His leg braces were off to the side, resting up against the boat house, while his feet dangled off the dock. He took in the sight of the sky starting to change from light blue, to a darker blue, and then a fiery mix of orange and pink.

Out of the corner of his eye, he could see someone walking up to the dock he sat on. He turned his head and just smiled to the person, giving a small wave, before going back to looking up at the sky.
 Rachel had warned her that the fourth of the turtles would be the hardest of all of them. That was precisely why she hadn't set to track him down. He was, after all, a ninja. He'd be good at hiding from her. So, instead, she had decided to draw him out. She had holed herself up in the library, wearing one of her simplest outfits, with a full afternoon tea spread out in front of her. It wasn't a whole Japanese tea thing, no. Brooke didn't know too much about that, and the last thing she wanted was to insult the turtle any. So, she'd kept it simple, and done tea the way she knew how. 

A well-worn copy of The Tale of Genji sat next to her, untouched. Was it there for decorative reasons? No. Brooke was honestly intrigued by the idea of a Japanese noblewoman from way back when having written such a large, classic tomb. But she didn't want to seem too occupied. She wanted - she needed - to seem welcoming. 

Gingerly, Brooke scooped some sugar into a delicate china cup and mixed it in with the tea and milk. The delicate scent of the Assam tea wafted up and Brooke sighed a small sigh of contentment. She really did enjoy this process of afternoon tea, but she usually took it in her room, where no one could disturb her. 

Today, though, she fully expected to be disturbed.

She took a delicate, dainty sip, and she waited.

Please, let this work.

After Athos had been released from Murderworld, the ninja stealthily and silently went farther into New York City. Eventually the turtle found a nice park with some well-used benches. He sat down on one and tried to achieve utter stillness.

What Athos achieved instead was a transformation into a redheaded teenager sitting on a park bench. Pete looked around nervously. He wasn't sure where he was. Or where his chaperone was. He rubbed his hands together and watched life go by.

This place wasn't filled with mutants, but he still felt very alone. He wondered if there were even pay phones around any more. Though he wasn't sure who he would call.

So, he decided to sit there until someone found him or he got a better idea.
The sound of spotlights coming on could be heard, and the darkness that had embraced the people within the room had disappeared. Instead, they were on what looked like an elaborate stage... something out of a reality TV show like the Bachelor. As if things could not get stranger, a large, 65" LED TV came to life, showing a young woman in a white jacket, green shirt, and a horrible yellow and orange polka dot tie.

"Ah! Our lovely contestants have woken up! Welcome, welcome one and all to Murderworld 2012!" The neuro-implants in the sides of her eyes began to glow a bright green in color, and her face had a large smile upon it. "These contestants were carefully selected to take part in the most fun, and dangerous version of Murderworld yet! Winners get to live, if we have any winners, that is. And the losers? Well, they get to die horribly painful and elaborate deaths!"
It had been a few days since Dolemeck had fallen down and broken his arm. He felt better in knowing Dr. Reyes told him that it was not anyone's fault, and to get back up and keep going. It was inspiring in a way, to know that the teachers and the doctors at the school would push him when needed. This school was unlike any other he had attended, and he loved it here. Just as Bobbi said, it was like a big family, and that is what he needed in his life right now.

All smiles, Dolemeck made his way to the Rec room, wondering if anyone was about (teacher or student). Classes had ended for the day, and he wondered if anyone wanted to play a game or two with him. Perhaps to get to know some of the others, as he was still fairly new.
" This is going to be a blast!" Dolemeck thought to himself as he followed the other students towards the lake. The campus was still under-going construction, and while they could have just thrown a pool party... the lake seemed like the better option for a bunch of rowdy teenagers. "It's such a perfect day for this sort of thing! I am so glad the headmistress approved of this party!

Eventually, Dolemeck made it down to the lack, using his powers to carry a basket that held some suntan lotion and a town. He had been here before with Bobbi, but never close to the dock or the boathouse. Some of the kids were already in the water, splashing about, and swimming. It was paradise.
Two turtles down, two more to go. Brooke was beginning to get convinced that Pete wasn't going to show up until she'd had a go with each of the turtles.

The first time, there had been the horrible failure of a pizza. The second time had gone considerably better, if somewhat cryptic.

Third time was the charm, right? At least, Brooke hoped it was. Rachel was going to kill her if she didn't follow through with this, and the last thing that Brooke wanted was to be incinerated by whatever spark of the Phoenix it was that Rachel possessed.

So, here Brooke was, this time armed with a picnic basket - really, food was the only way that Brooke could figure out a way to connect with a teenage mutant - and a smile on her face.

Once more, she knocked on Pete's door and waited. 

WHO: Kayla Connors, Illyana Rasputin
WHEN: Approximately a week after the incident in the kitchen
WHERE: X-Mansion Infirmary
WHAT: Illyana is brought in to help Kayla in dire straits

After the dramatic moments in the kitchen, Kayla's depression and lassitude had crumbled into what was virtually a waking coma. Her life force wasn't quite low enough to kill her outright, but her life force did not burn brightly enough to sustain anything like ordinary life. They had to summon Magik, the sorceress best known to the X-Men, in hopes that she would find a solution to their problems. Eventually, something of a solution had been found- but it required a rather complicated spell and the donation of accumulated life force from several people in order to patch up Kayla's own. 

There would be consequences from this spell. The people involved wouldn't feel quite right for a few days afterwards- nothing like Kayla's extreme case, but some fatigue and mild depression were likely. Diluted elements of their personalities could be reflected in Kayla for some time thereafter. After such a prolonged period of lassitude and depression, it was likely that Kayla would manifest, after a rather long sleep, a significant manic phase.

Right now, the girl had been placed into a full magical coma, looking just as serene as a modern day Sleeping Beauty. It would be time for the magic to work its course. 
A yellow cab pulled up to the Xavier Institute, it's breaks making a bit of a squeal as it did so. Once parked, the cab driver got out and opened the passenger's side door, then moved to open the trunk of the cab, all while grumbling about the inquisitive man he had just driven here. After the passenger got out of the cab, and the steamer trunk was laid on the driveway, the cabbie took off, appearing to have been paid in full. Thank goodness for card readers in cabs these days.

Dolemeck Night stood before the mansion. It was much larger than he had anticipated, and rather grand looking. It looked like his private school, only three times the size! This was certainly going to be a change. With a light backpack by his side, he started to walk towards the main doors. His leg braces making his movements look somewhat "stiff" as he tried to make his way there.
Here we go. Round two! Brooke Wyngarde stood outside Pete Eastman's room, dressed in something decidedly more casual than last time. Well, as casual as Brooke could get, anyway. There was also an entire tray of nachos, tacos, and burritos in her hands, and a cooler bag filled with soda.

Best way to a teenage boy's personality...

Carefully balancing the tray, Brooke knocked on the door.

This time? This time she was going to wear the turtles down and get through to Pete Eastman, no matter what.

She grinned brightly as the door opened.
What did one feed a boy who could turn into various turtles? Brooke Wyngarde wasn’t all that sure, but internet research had pulled up many different things that a turtle ate or could eat - including greens, shrimp, cuttlefish, and pellets and flakes specifically created for the diet of a turtle. Dairy products, though, apparently weren’t one of the healthiest things you could give a turtle.

It was with this list that Brooke had created a pizza that she was sure would get Pete Eastman to open up to her, minus any of the empathic manipulation that Rachel Grey-Ramsey had expressly forbidden her to use on Pete. She looked down distastefully at the shrimp and cuttlefish mixed with butter lettuce, pellets, and calcium powder, and pushed the box away.

She’d already sent a missive an invitation for Pete to meet her in the kitchen, and was patiently waiting for him in what she considered to be one of her most approachable outfits.

Certainly the green would put them on some sort of even standing, no?
When: Friday afternoon
Where: X-Mansion, Franklin's office
What: Franklin has open office hours.

Franklin Richards had taken to teaching like a duck had taken to water. He'd shown up with half of his planning for the year finished already, though as a famous general had once said, "no plan survives contact with the enemy". He'd had to do a lot of adapting on the fly, but it was good. It kept him busy and made him feel useful as something other than some sort of ridiculous fount of all power.

He'd adopted an open-door policy pretty early, because the truth was, sometimes he liked being interrupted from marking and other paperwork. If anyone had any questions or concerns, he was there to help them out. If someone wanted to drop him off some coffee, well, that was extremely welcome.

Franklin liked coffee, a lot. People who gave him coffee tended to get their requests granted much more quickly.

The door was open. Who would come in next?

And would they have coffee?
It was unseasonably warm for May, but that just meant three of the four turtles could now venture outside with no problems. The fourth turtle just went farther afield to be more antisocial.

Porthos was out on the grounds, stretching. His nunchaku were tucked safely into his broad belt. It was time to find some awesome oneness with righteous nature.

Also possibly find babes sunning themselves in a most reptilian fashion. He would join that party in a minute.
WHO: Totally open, yo
WHERE: The Mansion Kitchen
WHAT: Kayla's cooking, and this time it's not for her Highly Finicky Patient
WHEN: Mid-afternoon, a few days after Steph's arrival at the Mansion

Kayla + Bacon = OTP )

Mrs. Mary MacNeilly's report to the New York State Education Department was far from glowing. Her report caused a lot more concern and shock than normal process usually allowed. They did their research on previous inspections just to see how long this mutant school problem had been going on. Despite their research showing there had never been an issue as large as what was put before them, they had to take action on what Mrs. MacNeilly had reported.

The NYSED informed the superintendent in the district Xavier's was located in of the issue. They also got in touch with Westchester County's office about Xavier's certificate of occupancy due to the structural damage Mrs. MacNeilly had witnessed happening to the school building. With the report of mutants on the grounds the state and county governments got their information squared away before sending representatives to the school with protection from law enforcement. Child Protective Services got into the loop after being informed of a young girl living at the school surrounded by mutants who quite possibly could not control their powers.

As the media got wind of what was coming to a quiet yet secretive school in upstate New York, TV stations sent crews out. Some of the government representatives were glad to talk vaguely about what was happening at the school live. With the cameras aimed to put the people going into the school on film, a TV reporter stepped into the frame.

"This is Samantha Boulevard here not far from the town of Salem Center in Westchester County. Government officials from the New York State Education Department are here delivering a notice of probation for the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning. The school came under scrutiny recently during an inspection by a certified educational inspector. My sources have told me that this school poses as a private institution for education but has been revealed to be habitat for mutants."
Frankie was in the gym, practicing on the balance beam. After a long day of doing homework, she found that turning on some music and doing some gymnastics was a nice way to cap off the day. That, and it meant that she could put off that pesky little history essay for another hour or two.

Frankie flipped off the beam, landing perfectly on her feet. She struck a pose, taking a bow for an imaginary audience.


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