The Godstorm came at New York City, gathering other storms nearby to it. It wanted power Thor's little hammer couldn't easily undo. The Godstorm had underestimated the god once. If he showed up again, he would be ready. His reach was expansive. All along the Atlantic Coast, they felt his raging wrath. Even glancing touches from his circulating clouds brought damage.

There was warning he was coming, but Godstorm cared not one whit. He want right toward the harbor, using its funneling effect and the high tides from the moon to shove torrents of water into the megalopolis. He pushed on shore, making his way inland.

He was looking for something. Not that the small people trying to survive the hurricane coming ashore knew that. Their survival was not even a concern. He just pushed on land and spread his reach. He pushed his storm inland and the requisite flooding came with it. The winds howled and shards of glass broke off skyscrapers and added sharp damage to the mayhem.
Ree spent most of her time at the Mansion holed up in the lab, the gym, or her room. She didn't socialize much and it had required near-bribery to get her to come down for the last pizza night. She just couldn't spare the time, she told herself. She needed every moment for her project.

But a few months in nothing was closer to being solved. She was running both out of time and out of energy. And her headaches were worse. Maybe she needed a break. With that in mind she crept out of her room and went down to one of the common areas.
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Bruce sat in his chair in the meeting room, mulling over the report he was writing for the files on their battle at Project Pegasus.  Yes, they'd stopped the super-villains, but he had the feeling that they'd really lost the day.  According to PEGASUS's inventory, a handful of scientific devices had been stolen, but nothing that was expressly dangerous in and of itself.  Just various pieces of energy research.

Sure, you could probably eventually turn some of it into a power source for a weapon, but there were way easier ways out there.  And how had they managed to steal anything?  Security cameras briefly showed some kind of blur, but not one of the super-villains they'd been fighting.

It didn't add up.

Fortunately, the others (and their new SHIELD Liaison, possibly less fortunate there) were on their way for a meeting.  He'd even (somewhat reluctantly) called in Vincent to get a scientific viewpoint on things.

Joe crept into the loft quietly and carried his bag back to the bedroom, careful to set it down so it didn't give away the object within. He'd been gone for several weeks on an assignment for SHIELD and run into Quinn Barton. He'd tried to talk the former SHIELD agent into coming back and explaining himself but Quinn sucker-punched him and escaped. Joe was still pissed about that but he'd put it in his report..

He hoped Roxanne wasn't too made about him not calling. But in case she was pissed, he'd brought back-up.

"Yo, Alex! You here?" Joe called out. No answer. Joe thanked the gods because he wasn't up to listening to his roommate's mocking and passive-aggressive behavior.

"Roxie? You here?" Joe called out. No answer. Okay, good. That gave him time to set up a surprise. He pulled out his phone and called their favorite Chinese restaurant.

"Hey, Mr. Shin. It's Joe Rogers. Yeah, I need your special tonight. All the stuff the lady loves. No, I'm not in the doghouse. At least I don't think I am. Yeah, go ahead and send all of it, just to be on the safe side." he said.

Then he sent Roxie a text.

Dinner. My place. Tonight. Come on over. Pretty sure you've got a key. :)


Today was an excellent day. Why was today an excellent day? It was Friday. And it wasn't just any Friday. Oh no. It was the second Friday of the month! That meant payday! Believe it or not, SHIELD payed biweekly just like anybody else. Well, lots of anybody else's, at least. From what Eleanor had heard, they used to pay monthly, and then everybody pitched a fit. The true heroes of the modern age, and all that, achieving the major victories! And this was Eleanor's first paycheck since she'd been relocated from Miami to NYC. SHIELD tried to make out like other major cities were just as important and needed just as much manpower, but everyone knew that NYC was where it was at. This was where the tights fought each other all the time.

"But why? It's colder here. Spandex can't insulate that well..."

"Excuse me?" The man standing in line in front of her at the bank looked over his shoulder and lifted an imperious eyebrow at her. So many eyebrows around here were imperious. Ugh. Not that Miami was much better. Actually it was probably worse, if you were counting numbers of assholes. But at least it was warmer. Why didn't the heroes here wear flashy parkas and bubble jackets?

"Sorry. Just talking to myself," she muttered. He harumphed and turned back around. Soon enough they'd have her back in the direct deposit system and she wouldn't need to come to the bank, like, ever again.

The hidden earpiece in her right ear suddenly sprang to life. "All Agents in the lower Manhattan area, be advised, the villain Swarm is active and moving towards the Wells Fargo on 97th Avenue. Repeat, Swarm is active and moving towards the Wells Fargo on 97th Avenue. If you are in range, please respond but be advised that you are NOT to use lethal force. Technically, Swarm is covered under the Honeybee Protection Act of 2016. You may find yourselves preventing well-intentioned Heroes from harming him. Hold them off, protect civilians, and stall until containment can arrive. ETA is thirty minutes from now."

"Oh you have got to be kidding me..."

"What is it now?" The man in front of her was starting to actually look irritated. Bully for him. He'd be a lot more irritated in a few minutes.

"Bees. Nazi bees." She sighed with exasperation, puffing an errant strand of hair from her cheek.

"What?" Now he just looked angry, like he thought she was having some fun at his expense.

Eleanor, meanwhile, ran over to the nearest column and hopped up to it's little ledge so she could address everyone. "HEY EVERYBODY!!! YOU MIGHT WANT TO GET OUT BECAUSE I THINK THIS BANK IS ABOUT TO BE ROBBED BY NAZI BEES THAT DON'T UNDERSTAND HOW BANKS AND ELECTRONIC MONEY WORKS NOWADAYS."

Everyone looked around in confusion, but nobody took the short, perky little woman who didn't look official at all seriously. She thought she could hear the man muttering to a woman in front of her that "she's crazy". Well, she wasn't quite official as a hardcore agent yet or anything, and she was certainly nothing like the legend that Black Widow was, but she did at least have a badge, so she flashed it and shouted, "OUT!!!!" Still, nobody listened.

"Really? Nothing? You guys really are the most desensitized. Okay fine. THIS IS A STICKUP! I'M GONNA SHOOT EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU IF YOU DON'T SPRAY THE DOORS WITH OFF! ON THE WAY OUT!!" She whipped out a gun and waved it around menacingly. That got people moving. And what do you know, a few even sprayed a bunch of Off! as they went. Would wonders never cease. She also now had the attention of security. Balls.

...But that didn't matter, because suddenly she heard a loud buzzing voice go, "Off!? Really? That is for ze mosquitos, fraulein. I am most certainly not composed of ze mosquitoes."

"Here we go. And me all non-combat. I wish I had some RAID..."
New York City high society had been absolutely buzzing over this April's charity gala by a certain Mr. Tony Stark. It was seen as exclusive, or as exclusive as his 200 person guest list could be. Some invitations were a given, like Tony's daughter Alexa, whereas others came from what the party planners figured as the right people to make the party memorable or talked about.

The charity event was for the charitable arm of Stark Inc., Stark International. Despite being for charity, it was also seen as a good way for businesses to be seen and network.

The event was held at the Hudson in the Library and Private Park space. It would comfortably fit the people into its 2,600 Square Feet.
Erin has been having trouble for the past few days at school. It all has to do with that article from Loose Lips. If she could sue them for outing her as a mutant she would. There is a group of girls she has never exactly gotten along with who are taking advantage of the situation.

They are trying to throw her off her game. So far it's just little snide comments she can brush off but she can see the signs. This is turning into a war between rich bitches. Too bad she isn't much of a bitch.

She needs advice on how to deal with this. She wonders if Roxie has any words of wisdom. She doesn't come off as THAT kind of rich girl but she must know a thing or two.

With that she sends off a text.

Hi Roxie. It's Erin.

I need some advice on something I think you'd understand more than Bruce. Can I buy you coffee or early dinner?
So... that was it. He wasn't an Avenger anymore. Vincent felt very uncertain, about almost everything. He'd already spoken to Bruce, and consulted with his academic advisor about temporarily scaling back his course-load. He had an appointment with Stark at the end of the week to discuss his position there. Audhild was going to be well-educated and provided for. He'd even worked out a grocery list for the next few weeks and fully cleaned the apartment.

He'd done everything he could think of, he'd been so intent on putting this off.

He picks up the phone and dials a number that he'd resolved not to for some time.

"Hello... Roxanne."

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Joe checked the building twice over before he pulled his bike into the garage and closed the door. The last couple of days had really taken a toll on his sanity. He was holding up well but being back home was good. He went to the fridge and pulled out a few things for making a sandwich because he hadn't eaten much while he and Sammy were on the way to Leavenworth. Now that he was back, he could relax and get his head in order before he went off after Jason Landon or before Landon came after him.

He also had to talk to Roxanne about things and that reminded him to be quiet in case she was sleeping. He sat down at the counter in the kitchen and dug into his sandwich, relishing having real food again.

His mind wandered to the idea of Roxanne sleeping and thinking she probably looked like an angel. Was she a morning person? Probably not.

Finishing his sandwich and finding himself with a bit extra energy, Joe went to his room and changed into some sweats and a t-shirt with running shoes. If nothing else, he might at least get a work-out in.

He dropped to the floor and began the first five-hundred push-ups.

(Occurs during this thread.)

Joe stepped outside and called his parents first, letting them know what was going on. He asked them to be extremely careful. Dad asked if he needed help and Joe declined, saying that he was on the case and had it under control. Moreover, he didn't want his parents cleaning up his messes. They didn't sound happy about it, but they respected his wishes.

Once he hung up with them, he dialed Roxanne's cellphone. He was surprised at how much he missed her and how often he'd been thinking of her during the drive already. When this was over, he'd see her again and then they'd talk about a few things, if they were both ready.

He waited for her to answer and hoped she was all right.

This scene takes place three days after this scene.

Tommy's bike pulled up out front of Avengers' Mansion at 8 am, giving him what he hoped was enough time to find his target and speak to her so that he could locate Joe before nightfall. He could be at the bar, hoping that Texas Marion might show up again but he didn't think he was quite that lucky. He could even be sleeping in his hotel room, but he needed to see his old friend. Tommy dismounted his bike and looked up at the fence that separated the mansion from the outside world. These people probably had no idea what it meant to go hungry, to want for something they couldn't have. Joe seemed more grounded than most, but he was still the kid of one of one of the biggest badasses of all time. 

Tommy didn't hate the Avengers but he was very sure that they had no clue what was really going on the world. They punched out the "A-List" bad guys and came back to this place for fun. Rather than knock on the door, Tommy had a better idea on how to get what he wanted: stick out like a sore thumb and wait for them to come to him. With any luck, he'd get the person he was looking for in short order.

So Tommy pulled out a cigarette, lit it and stared at the front door as several of the passerby noted the grungy looking biker out front of the mansion. Eventually, someone inside would get the message.

The portal from Vincent's magic opened on one of the middle levels of the Norse universe. Snow crunched under boots and bare feet as the Avengers assembled in the realm of giants. The sharp, craggy land was as welcoming as an ice pick between the shoulder blades. But out there in the cold and blowing landscape was a young girl waiting to be rescued.

The night after their discussion, Joe followed Roxie's instructions to get into the building and headed upstairs to the apartment to check it out. He politely declined the doorman's offer of assistance as he didn't want to frighten the poor guy with the weight of his bags or their contents. Between all the clothing and weapons, Joe knew Uncomfortable Questions might be asked so he avoid the whole situation by carrying his own things.


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Tensions were running high, but that was par for the course, given everything that had just happened. The Avengers were back at Avengers Mansion, mugs of hot tea, hot cocoa, and mead being passed around as wounds and injuries were tended to and salves and painkillers were being administered by Night Nurse, who had presumably been called in by Jarvis.

Niklas Thorson of Asgard - currently better known as Nicky Blake of Midgard - snapped the cape off of his armor and leaned against the wall. He was silent, waiting for the planning to commence, of things that needed to happen next. It was something he would be left out of - Hela had succeeded in locking him out of Asgard for the forseeable future - but he was only too glad to stay here and help out with the planning, give the others whatever information they needed about his home...perhaps give them a note to send to his father, who he had not seen for awhile now.

Gratefully, he accepted a large, frothy mug of mead from Jarvis and took a long gulp.

Then, when everyone seemed as though they were ready, Nicky nodded his head.

“I suppose we should work out a plan for what comes next.”

Joe hit the rooftop and rolled immediately to spread out the impact, glad that his reinforced boots absorbed the shock better than his old ones. He came up from the roll and kept running, his black trenchcoat moving behind him like a cape. The scents and sounds of New York were so familiar, so inviting that the cold night didn't seem foreboding at all. In fact, it was so inviting that he'd almost wished he'd come home sooner.


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The window quietly slides open with barely a whisper and a bag of clothes goes sailing into the neat room. No bed bugs. Harvard wouldn't allow it.

She wasn't thrilled with Harvard. Yes, she was not thrilled with Harvard. She should have stuck with Columbia, she should have but... well, May Parker wanted distance. She's tried of being a super hero, someone else is out there being spider man and she's getting awfully close to the Legal Age of Everything and Girl isn't quite cutting it. So she's still May, and she's hanging out with the Avengers for spring break because that's what everyone dreams of, right?

So she closes the window behind her, feet creeping over the carpet. She quietly opens her door into the hallway.

Sneak. Sneak. Sneak. All the way down to the kitchen... so she hopes.
The Avengers will arrive in Time's Square in short order. They will see Frost Giants moving out quickly. There are a few standing guard over something but there is nice and snow shooting up into the air so it isn't obvious right away that it is the Cask of Winter.

But there are many Frost Giants gathered here. It is an invading army.
As soon as Vincent is about to arrive to collect anyone willing to go with him on the rescue mission to Asgard things start to go very wrong. There is suddenly snow pouring down from the sky in Times Square and reports of Frost Giants coming out to attack different parts of the city. The Avengers are going to have to decide what they are going to do really fast.
Tony didn't spend an overly large amount of time at the Avenger's mansion these days. Not if he could help it. This was a special occasion, though. Today, he was going to introduce the kid to their new teacher. He suspected that many of them knew of her already, but proper introductions were only polite. Besides, he wanted to make sure They all knew to give her the proper respect. Anyone who gave her issues would answer to him and his primary methods of discipline were pay cuts and firing... nobody wanted that.

He waited with Kitty in the main living room at the mansion and waited for the kids to gather.


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