The decrepit-looking hotel near a waterfall in Colombia was a case of the facade not quite matching the interior. Early 20th century grandeur fought against years of disuse and nature's reclamation. While the first floor retained some of it's moldy and waterlogged appearance, it was a deception to keep the local guerillas uninterested in the goings on inside the building. With late night experiments leading to flashing lights in some of the windows, the locals, gun-toting or not, spoke about the old hotel as a haunted location.

The head of that nest was counting on interlopers of the goody-two-shoe variety. Though the planned team wasn't the ones in blue and white. Either way, Huntress 19 had called in assistance from extra nests.
Tracking HYDRA activity was a full-time job for some. While New York had been relatively quiet except for a few blips that had been chased after, more solid intel had come from Colombia. It seemed something big was happening there. Some of the faces identified were from the attempted assassination of Silver Sable a few years ago. While Sammy Fury's team had caught most of that nest in New York City, a few had slipped their grasp.

So, with names and a location, a mission was ordered. Summons were sent out to a small team of agents. A room in the Helicarrier awaited their arrivals.
Erin had been trying to get everything in order. School, being an Avenger,family duty, more training. It was a busy life the mutant lead. That was why she had to take the time to call her Mother when she had free time. She flops down on a ouch in one of the side rooms closest to the kitchen in the Avenger's HQ.

She was just about to call her mother using her phone when she was interrupted by an unexpected in coming call showing up on on the display.

"Yes. This is she."

Her face goes a funny shade of white. Any water in the immediate area goes perfectly still. She has to take a deep calming breath.

"Is she alive?"

Being prepped for surgery. She has a good chance to survive.

"I'll be there as soon as I can. I want the scene preserved.... I'm an Avenger, officer. I will be conducting myself as a professional. I will not react like an angry teenager despite the fact you just told me someone tried to shoot my Mother through the head!"

Erin lets out a shuddering breath of air. She is so angry right now. Anger will serve her better than shock. "Thank you, detective. I will be along shortly with... a teammate."

She hangs up. Then has to take a few deep measuring breaths of air before she pulls out her team communicator.

"Sammy. It's Erin. I need your help." Erin realizes in the back of her head she doesn't know Sammy that well. Why turn to her?

Because she needs an objective mind. And someone who knows guns obviously. "Maybe some of the others too. I don't know yet."
Mrs. Mary MacNeilly's report to the New York State Education Department was far from glowing. Her report caused a lot more concern and shock than normal process usually allowed. They did their research on previous inspections just to see how long this mutant school problem had been going on. Despite their research showing there had never been an issue as large as what was put before them, they had to take action on what Mrs. MacNeilly had reported.

The NYSED informed the superintendent in the district Xavier's was located in of the issue. They also got in touch with Westchester County's office about Xavier's certificate of occupancy due to the structural damage Mrs. MacNeilly had witnessed happening to the school building. With the report of mutants on the grounds the state and county governments got their information squared away before sending representatives to the school with protection from law enforcement. Child Protective Services got into the loop after being informed of a young girl living at the school surrounded by mutants who quite possibly could not control their powers.

As the media got wind of what was coming to a quiet yet secretive school in upstate New York, TV stations sent crews out. Some of the government representatives were glad to talk vaguely about what was happening at the school live. With the cameras aimed to put the people going into the school on film, a TV reporter stepped into the frame.

"This is Samantha Boulevard here not far from the town of Salem Center in Westchester County. Government officials from the New York State Education Department are here delivering a notice of probation for the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning. The school came under scrutiny recently during an inspection by a certified educational inspector. My sources have told me that this school poses as a private institution for education but has been revealed to be habitat for mutants."

The information on Nick Fury's desk read like the sum of all fears. In the midst of everything happening around the world, both mutant and non-mutant related, someone had been working under the radar to obtain equipment for a weapon of mass destruction. They were smart enough to not hit the major production hubs, like Stark or Fujikawa, and had settled for going to second or third-rate sources for what they were looking for. But when certain items popped up on watch lists throughout the world, SHIELD got wind of the information long before anyone else did.

This wasn't big enough to warrant a heavy-hitter response but it was too big to send rookie agents on. Big team would tip the bad guys off from ten miles away and make them adjust their plans but he couldn't spare Sharon, Maria or any of his top agents. So Fury thought of the next best thing and pressed the alert beacon on his desk for two agents he was sure could get the job done.

Sammy's and Joe's phones would receive simulatneous texts indicating that the proverbial ballon had gone up and that they were to report to the Helicarrier within one hour for debriefing and deployment.

Mission time.

(Immediately following this.)


Joe headed down to the garage and got on his bike, kicking the engine to life. He put in his bluetooth and dialed Sammy's number, waiting for his oldest friend to answer.

"Hey, I need you. Something just happened and I need some back-up. You available?" Joe asked as he sped away from the house.

Tony didn't spend an overly large amount of time at the Avenger's mansion these days. Not if he could help it. This was a special occasion, though. Today, he was going to introduce the kid to their new teacher. He suspected that many of them knew of her already, but proper introductions were only polite. Besides, he wanted to make sure They all knew to give her the proper respect. Anyone who gave her issues would answer to him and his primary methods of discipline were pay cuts and firing... nobody wanted that.

He waited with Kitty in the main living room at the mansion and waited for the kids to gather.


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