Every night for the last few months, Niklas Thorson of Asgard had been having the same dream. He was standing outside an icy cave, cold gusts of wind battering his face as he waited for the mysterious figure in a scarlet cloak and hood to appear. As always, the mysterious figure’s face was obscured in darkness. As always, the figure beckoned Nicky closer, to follow them into the cave. As always, Nicky stood his ground, and beckoned the figure to come to him. He would not follow a faceless figure into the dark, cold cave, because he knew what lay there, and it was something he wanted no part of. As always, the figure would hesitate and step closer to Nicky. Each time though, he would reach out to yank the figure’s hood off their face, but just as the face was about to be revealed, he would wake up.

As he did tonight, a cold sweat coating his lithe, deceptively strong body. His hand reached up to touch the axe pendant he always wore around his neck. It was, mercifully, still there.

Not that many others could really lift it. The thing had the mass of a star.

Nicky swung his legs over the edge of his bed and shoved his feet into the fuzzy Throg slippers that sat at the end of his bed. Wrapping his thick, red robe over his bare chest, he padded downstairs.

Nicky needed mead. Mead and a whole stack of prime ribs.
Who: Mira and any Avengers around
What: movie night?

Okay, so popping in a movie at dark thirty in the morning probably wasn't a good thing, but Mira had taken over the TV and was curled up on the couch with a large bowl of popcorn beside her, one of the robotic teddy bears she had been working on in her lap, shifting a little she made herself comfortable before pushing the button to turn on the movie.

Movie of choice tonight? Young Frankenstein, because who can resist a black and white? The pile on the table before her is just as silly, Men in Tights and Monty Python and the Holy Grail.  Snagging a handful of popcorn she pops one kernel into her mouth at a time as the movie starts.  
After Jay turned into a regular human guy in a pair of shorts hugging Aether's neck (with maybe a bit of help from Sara), he went directly back to the Avengers' mansion. Having Hulked out this badly before, the sometimes green teen followed the precedent set and became reclusive. He locked himself (and Boo) in his large room and refused to come out.

Jarvis had seen him the most and had gotten concerned about the diminishing size of the amount of food Jay had been eating. Jay's mother had come back to New York immediately after hearing her son had rampaged through the city. She currently was back on the Keewazi rez to get his father and bring Wyatt Wingfoot to New York to help with Jay.

Today, the teen was getting a little stir crazy in his room. Though he had Boo and Keewazi tech for entertainment, he thought he could maybe take a small walk around the mansion. If he was moving around, maybe less people would knock on his door to try to get him to come out. Also, he could avoid them easier if he wasn't in one spot.
 Mira had wondered around the building a little, staying to the more public areas, she was feeling caged in her room, despite the accommodations.  Humming softly as she walked she found the rec room had the best acoustics.   Seeing the seat in the window she grinned walking over to it, flipping Lucifer so that she could play the guitar as she went.  The guitar was acoustic and electric, though she didn't bring the small amp she had with her.  Sitting at the window she fiddled with the strings a little, tuning the guitar before she started playing, keeping her voice down, after all she didn't want to distract anyone.
Finishing the first song she started in on another.

She didn't realize she was getting a little louder, as she sang, getting lost in her thoughts, her eyes darkening to black, she was lost in the music for now, though any requests would probably be played if given.
Mira bit her lip as she stopped the bike, looking at the building that resided at the address she had gotten. This is stupid I shouldn't still be in New York I should have left already. She thought as she touched the band strapped to her wrist.

"Right, only one way to get this done." Mira slid off the bike, leaving it in that mode, wouldn't do to start a war with the people she wanted as allies because of a misunderstanding. Hitting the com button she waited until someone answered.
Her six months of "water time" were up. Now, as she did every year this time, Kassi had to return to the Surface to do her rotation with her mother. The only trouble this time was that the rotation came while Kassi was legitimately busy in Atlantis participating in the annual event known as War Games. As Kassi was technically "of age" in Atlantean society and being groomed for military leadership she was expected to participate during the entire event. That she was half Surface Dweller didn't matter to the public. Still, some fashion of compromise was made--and Kassi wondered just what sort of fit her mother had thrown to make it so--and Kassi returned to the Surface and the Avengers as planned.

...albeit in what was essentially a metal bikini, carrying a trident, and with blood smudged on her face.

"Humans! I'm home."
As soon as Vincent is about to arrive to collect anyone willing to go with him on the rescue mission to Asgard things start to go very wrong. There is suddenly snow pouring down from the sky in Times Square and reports of Frost Giants coming out to attack different parts of the city. The Avengers are going to have to decide what they are going to do really fast.
Erin had just gotten her uniform in and had instructions to try it out. So she's running on the tread will to see how far she can go in this comfortably. She has her iPod blasting a peppy tune because why run if there's no fun sound track?

So far she's going good and strong. After this she might dive into the pool though. She's starting to get a little hot and sweaty.

How long has this been?

Man. Only ten minutes or so according to her play list. She'll go at least another fifteen minutes before she starts to think about stopping.
It wasn't really that big of a deal that she was still figuring stuff out, right? Of course she was having some problems with her folks again which was really nothing new. She was used to them going between being okay parents and jerk-faces. That was fine she could deal with that. She knew just what buttons to press when it came to them.

Se still realizes that she needs to do something about her powers. Her fighting skills in her mind are to be mocked so hard. She's going to shape up when it comes to that because damn it she's a Sterling. Sterlings don't let things like this slide.

Only she has no idea how to start. Working on her powers or something else? She chews on her lip in thought while pacing around one of the living room areas trying to figure that out. She had way too much to work on if she wanted to even think of staying because she really didn't like the idea of putting people at risk.

That couldn't happen. No way. She'd just figure this out somehow.
Tony didn't spend an overly large amount of time at the Avenger's mansion these days. Not if he could help it. This was a special occasion, though. Today, he was going to introduce the kid to their new teacher. He suspected that many of them knew of her already, but proper introductions were only polite. Besides, he wanted to make sure They all knew to give her the proper respect. Anyone who gave her issues would answer to him and his primary methods of discipline were pay cuts and firing... nobody wanted that.

He waited with Kitty in the main living room at the mansion and waited for the kids to gather.
It is a warm winter on Midgar to someone of Asgard not that it matters to Loki. He plans on making things very cold on Midgar. He has plans and in order to fully put them into action he needs a little hostage to make things go easier.

Of course it would help if she would stop fighting him. "Be still child! I am taking you back where you belong!"

The bratling of Amora's doesn't do that she kicks and fights back.

Then Audhild shouts loudly for help just before Loki gags her.
Erin had spent the next day or so trying to smooth things over with her parents.It was very distressing trying to get them to just listen. She did though remember what Captain Marvel had said to her.

And if she could join the Avengers like he had offered things might just be okay. She could convince her parents that it wouldn't hurt them. That would be okay.

And maybe she'd have fun somehow. She didn't think she would but people got into this for worse reasons, right? And it was okay anyways because she did like the idea of helping people.

She takes a deep breath and lets it out and presses the door bell.
Ever since her break-up with Vincent, Roxie Danvers had lain low, staying out of the Avengers' way, keeping her communicator off, and splitting time between her new apartment and her father's remote island when she wasn't out fighting mythical monsters. There were more of those than Roxie had initially thought that there were, and now that she was starting to tap into her Olympian heritage, she was finding new and interesting ways of fighting them.

Today, Roxie found herself at Avengers' Mansion, a place that she had once considered home. She let the familiarity of the place wrap around her like a warm comfortable blanket as she tromped into the kitchen, dressed in dark blue sweats, a cherry red towel slung around her neck. Her long brown hair was pulled up into a ponytail. It was evident to anyone who was around that she had been working out, and that it had been quite the workout. There was a soft, almost imperceptible red glow that had surrounded her body - something that was a distinctly new effect.

She pulled a refreshingly cold bottle of water out of the fridge and then made her way to the common area. She was going to sit down for a few moments and revel in the comfort that the Mansion afforded her.

Then she was going to venture out and find some ass to kick.
After Christmas but before New Years, Jay and May had mutually decided to stop dating. They had drifted slightly apart. It was an amicable split and also half his choice, but Jay was still a bit sad. Though rather than brood in his room as he had done before, he went out and about all over New York City. Distractive outings. Though he made sure if he was with Stooges that the girlfriends were not along. He didn't want to dwell on being suddenly single nor did he want to feel like a fifth wheel.

Jay had gotten up late today and slogged out to the kitchen. When got back to his room, he noticed his door still open. He slapped a palm to his forehead and grunted.

"Crap. Crapcrap. Crapcrapcrap." The miniature giant space hamster, otherwise known as the pet he had that no one particularly knew about, was loose in the mansion. Jay turned on his heel and started down the hallway. He needed to find his pet before Jarvis found him and called the intergalactic exterminator.

"Boo," he whispered through clenched teeth as he stalked through the mansion. "Here, Boo. Heeeeeeeeere, Boo."


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