Nika never expected to find a nest of HYDRA at a pizza parlor in southern Vermont. So she wasn't quite sure why most of the patrons and wait staff were staring at her as she came in to grab a bite to eat. She had just retrieved an item for a mission, and it was tucked under her shirt so she looked a little more chesty than she normally did. She'd done the mission solo to save some expenses on it. Besides, Lisa was in Vegas with Sean on vacation. No one was there to veto her executive decision.

It was a simple find, grab, and return. It wasn't so simple when a bunch of HYDRA agents figured out she was the daughter of one the most famous non-SHIELD people to hunt them down.

The pizza parlor was wrecked and Nika was bleeding by the time she made a run for her car. There were just too many of them pouring into the building for her to continue shooting them without running out of bullets. She leapt in the car and peeled out of there.

She got on the road and noticed some green vehicles following her. Well, here goes a diplomatic headache. She floored the pedal and wove through traffic to try to lose her pursuers. Though they were surprisingly more adept at staying on her tail than she gave HYDRA goons credit for.

Nika hit the cellphone connection and opened her contacts. She was going to need help. Lisa was out as she was in Vegas. Fin couldn't drive as far as Nika knew. Quinn was probably out of the country. That left few options. She hit one of the contacts and tried to keep her eyes on the road.


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