Marcelo had started regular patrolling in earnest when he wasn't trying to spend the night with Stephanie. It felt good to get the suit on. It covered his scars well and he had added a little protection to the spots where a sword had run straight through his body. In addition to his normal patrols, he used what little superhuman power he had to keep tabs on what Sebastian Shaw was doing. Since he could listen to things at a distance and fine tune his hearing from there, he tried to be careful not to blip on any of Shaw's cronies' radar.

Though that was where he picked up Shaw had put a bounty on Marcelo Alencar da Silva's head. The target wondered if this was the first time the same man had bounties on his head for two separate identities. He doubted it, but he liked to think he was pioneering in some way.

Ignoring the tabloid stories about him and Stephanie being on the rocks was easy enough since Marcelo didn't read tabloids nor did he have a secretary who did anymore. It was harder to ignore Helena when she scheduled a visit with him during office hours. The hour-long visit started pleasantly enough. It actually lasted that long because despite his small, almost heartfelt prayers, no business came up to interrupt the visit with his ex. It turned slightly awkward when she started sounding out if the tabloid reports were true or if Stephanie had gone to rehab or something of the sort. Then it got into well-controlled infuriating when Helena casually brought up some information she gathered about the time Stephanie and Marcelo weren't together. Marcelo was more than happy to escort Helena from his office after the hour was done.

He wasn't quite sure what the future had in store for him, but the Brazilian billionaire figured everything but the impending wedding would give him a headache at the very least.
Marion is in a very good mood. She talked Dawn into letting her show her how some things are done. So she has her book that is filled with field notes.

"Just read through the section I have on vampires. I'm taking us to an area I heard had some... problems. We'll do a basic walk through. See what we can see," Marion instructed.

"The way I see it? We probably won't run into trouble but I gotta few weapons in the trunk we should carry on us just in case." She purses her lips as she drives. "I still don't really get the whole deal with you and.... the magic thing you do. I'll understand it better in time. Still smart to walk with a few basic weapons. I have these really nice hand held cross bows. They can be used with just one hand, easy to hide on your person."

Marion flips the turn signal on as they turn right. She grins at her passenger. "Perfect accessory for the supernatural hunting lady. Just like a good knife."

She is looking for some decent out of the way parking. They should be within walking distance right now.

"Any questions?"


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