Erin had been trying to get everything in order. School, being an Avenger,family duty, more training. It was a busy life the mutant lead. That was why she had to take the time to call her Mother when she had free time. She flops down on a ouch in one of the side rooms closest to the kitchen in the Avenger's HQ.

She was just about to call her mother using her phone when she was interrupted by an unexpected in coming call showing up on on the display.

"Yes. This is she."

Her face goes a funny shade of white. Any water in the immediate area goes perfectly still. She has to take a deep calming breath.

"Is she alive?"

Being prepped for surgery. She has a good chance to survive.

"I'll be there as soon as I can. I want the scene preserved.... I'm an Avenger, officer. I will be conducting myself as a professional. I will not react like an angry teenager despite the fact you just told me someone tried to shoot my Mother through the head!"

Erin lets out a shuddering breath of air. She is so angry right now. Anger will serve her better than shock. "Thank you, detective. I will be along shortly with... a teammate."

She hangs up. Then has to take a few deep measuring breaths of air before she pulls out her team communicator.

"Sammy. It's Erin. I need your help." Erin realizes in the back of her head she doesn't know Sammy that well. Why turn to her?

Because she needs an objective mind. And someone who knows guns obviously. "Maybe some of the others too. I don't know yet."


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