Dolemeck had finally gotten settled into life at the Xavier Institute. He was getting a little stronger and able to walk to his classes without feeling like he was going to drop dead too often. He still wore his old school uniform from home to class, but that is what made him feel comfortable. A small reminder of home.

He walked down to halls, trying to find Professor Franklin's office. He desperately needed his help for his citizenship classes. Dolemeck was worried about failing them and being deported after his schooling was over (and not just because he wanted to see Professor Franklin because he was cute). His eldest brother continued to pressure him to get his citizenship as well, saying he would be happier living in America than at home.

With all of that weight on his shoulders, he wanted to lift some of it off. The best way to do that was to ask for help. Once he found Professor Franklin's office, he gave a gentle knock at the door.

"Professor Franklin? Are you in there?"


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