Dolemeck had adjusted well within the school. He was happy to have been able to go swimming (even if he just floated there), he was making new friends, had access to an amazing art room with sewing machine, and had almost everything he could ask for. Professor Franklin's suggested reading for his citizenship class was helping him quite a bit. He was understanding more and more about the country that will soon become his home.

Just as he was about to call it a day, Dolemeck took out his ear buds and turned off his music player. He then looked over at his phone and realized he had missed a phone call just a few minutes ago.

"Not often I get one of these. Perhaps it's Bobbi asking if I want to go pick berries, again." He thought to himself as he looked at the number it came from, and then played the message.

Hey, Dole! I was asked to come to the States to perform on the Late Show! Would you like to have dinner afterwards at the Oyster Bar? It's been awhile since he spent time together, son. I thought this would be a great opportunity to see how you are doing in your new school. Give me a call back when you can, little one.

He nearly dropped the phone after hearing the message. His Father was in the country, and he wanted to spend time with him! While he was used to the disappointment of his Father bailing at the last minute, he was hopeful this time. Enough that he tried to walk as quickly as he could with his leg braces on to Professor Franklin's office.

"Professor Franklin!" He busted into the room, forgetting to knock in his excitement. "My Da is in the country! He's going to do a gig for the "Late Show" and then meet me at the Oyster bar in the City! Can I please have permission to go?"


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