Joe crept into the loft quietly and carried his bag back to the bedroom, careful to set it down so it didn't give away the object within. He'd been gone for several weeks on an assignment for SHIELD and run into Quinn Barton. He'd tried to talk the former SHIELD agent into coming back and explaining himself but Quinn sucker-punched him and escaped. Joe was still pissed about that but he'd put it in his report..

He hoped Roxanne wasn't too made about him not calling. But in case she was pissed, he'd brought back-up.

"Yo, Alex! You here?" Joe called out. No answer. Joe thanked the gods because he wasn't up to listening to his roommate's mocking and passive-aggressive behavior.

"Roxie? You here?" Joe called out. No answer. Okay, good. That gave him time to set up a surprise. He pulled out his phone and called their favorite Chinese restaurant.

"Hey, Mr. Shin. It's Joe Rogers. Yeah, I need your special tonight. All the stuff the lady loves. No, I'm not in the doghouse. At least I don't think I am. Yeah, go ahead and send all of it, just to be on the safe side." he said.

Then he sent Roxie a text.

Dinner. My place. Tonight. Come on over. Pretty sure you've got a key. :)




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