Ever since Angel had been beat up by some bigots, Aiden had taken to patrolling of sorts. Just to keep an eye out for organized gatherings. How he had managed to squeeze it in between working as a popular bartender, training with his fellow New Mutants, and keeping Angel company was beyond his ability to consider. He just did what needed to be done.

Like tonight.

He had gotten a good idea on where a local chapter of the Friends of Humanity liked to hang out. The Mojoworlder knew about the chapter at Sara and Angel's school, but this was encroaching too close to home. While he could tell the others and they could go be proactive about it, Aiden decided to do this with sneaks and stealth.

He had on his black-lightweight hoodie as he sorted through gear on his side of his bed. While he could produce whatever hand-held weapon of hard-light, he needed help for anything at a distance. Sabotage was the game of the night, so he was carefully choosing projectiles that didn't scream ninja.


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