Mrs. Grekova had told her she was in danger of growing roots herself if she stayed in the shop any longer that day -even though it wasn't even lunchtime- and had practically shooed her out the door with her pay for a full day, and the promise of a bonus if she didn't come back the next day, just for her own health, because working all the time wasn't good for a young woman.

So she'd laughed, as she always did, since this was something that happened every few weeks, and went home to stash the money she wasn't going to use and to collect Bob -who always passed as some kind of art project or puppet if he perched on her shoulder while she was out in public- so that they could go for an outing, she figured that a trip to the zoo would do them both some good.

She debated packing a lunch, but after re-counting her day's pay, decided against it, because she could afford a lunch at the cafe, or she'd stop for a sandwich on the way home. And so it was with Bob in a small dog harness that she headed down the street to hop the bus, too warm to walk the whole way to the zoo, even though it wasn't far.


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