To Veronica Pym, coffee was her precious lifeblood. It fueled her, and more importantly, kept her from being a super cranky half-zombie in the morning. She probably drank at least five or six cups a day...and at least a couple more than that on the weekends. She especially needed them now, as she'd been helping her mother with an upcoming show (which some of her own designs were going to be displayed for the first time, thank you very much), that upcoming weekend. And now, thankfully, she had a few hours to enjoy to herself. So, she was going to reward herself.

Veronica made her way to a coffee shop that she loved not too far away from her work. That way, in case anyone needed her, she was only just down the street. She ordered a large vanilla latte and a couple of scones. Once she got her order, she took a seat by the window. She was going to relax for a bit and people-watch, which was always fun. Especially when you lived in New York.


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