Alisa was not surprised that her picture was leaked to the media. Not surprised there was now a manhunt out for her. And totally not surprised that her job at the MET distanced themselves from her, and promptly fired her. Good. She hated her job, she hated all of it, she hated everything and everyone now.

Thankfully, no one linked her to Alistaire Shaw (publicly at least), and she left Steve Coulson with enough evidence to arrest her. If anyone was going to do that, it would be him. For now, she stuck to alleyways and the rooftops. She could feel the anger coming from the city... The police were mad she had taken out four officers, people were mad a mutant freak was running about, and she... loved it.

It was almost like a dance with how she moved. Swift, graceful, and damn near unstoppable. Why did she not just let herself go years ago? Why did she hold on to those useless emotions and desire for love and friendship. Creating utter chaos was just so much more fun!


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