It was one of those days where Kayla couldn't really stand to be indoors, especially after all the dishes had been done from lunch. Hana had more or less ordered her to go outside before she started bouncing off the walls and wrecked something. So she'd taken the hint and gone outside, but not before shooting a text to Topher. 

"Football or frisbee. Your choice. Love, Kaykay." 

Kayla had a bit of a rep for hanging out in a largely female-dominated group. She had a bit of a Trio thing going with Bobbi and Rose, and naturally, she spent a lot of time with Brianna. Every night as a matter of fact. But sometimes, she kind of needed to hang out with a guy. She'd been an unabashed daddy's girl when she was a kid, and had grown up with four brothers (and two sisters). Topher was someone she not only liked, but frankly admired. She thought he'd go far as a leader one day. 

And he was just a really nice, down-to-earth guy. 

So hopefully he'd get his butt out there because she wanted to toss around, well, something with him. But mostly just hang out, really. 


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