There had been a time, back when she was in high school and her early days of college, when Brooke would come to Central Park, armed with a bag filled with a mix of cracked corn, barley, oats, and peas, and feed the ducks while losing herself in thought. It was something that she hadn't done in a very long while but found herself wanting to do that day.She was seated on her bench, legs crossed demurely, floral skirt spread out just so, painting what she was sure was quite the pretty picture. There was a warmth emanating from her, a contentment, that gently affected all who passed her. Even Sharona, Brooke's maid, who was sometimes exasperated by the demands Brooke made of her, was perfectly content to stand behind the empath, holding up a parasol so as to block Brooke from the sun.

On the bench next to her sat two fresh cups of coffee and a little sack filled with chocolate croissants from her favourite coffee shop. She'd invited Stephanie to meet her out here this morning, since they had a lot of catching up to do, including some news to share with her best friend. News that was best told in person and not uncovered over an announcement in the society pages. It wouldn't be proper. Besides, this wasn't the sort of news one could break over the phone. Not to their best friend. 

Brooke reached into the bag and drew out a handful of the feed, spreading it out in front of her. Watching the ducks feed, she smiled in contentment. 

Mrs. Brooke Aaron, she thought to herself. I love the sound of that!
"Y'know," Sofia Strange said in a conversational tone to the zombie whose butt she was currently kicking, "All I really wanted? Tonight? Was a pastrami sandwich. Maybe a can of Cel-Ray." She threw her left hand up and a trio of marble-sized fireballs flew forth, twirling around each other before smacking the zombie straight in the face. Its dead skin started oozing off of its face, showing bone and wiring underneath. Whatever this thing was, it was a lab-created zombie. 

A mix of science and magic.

Sofia grimaced. That was never good. 

"Instead? Instead I get you." She attacked with a savage backhand, empowered by a surge of mystic lightning. The electronics in the thing fried. Whoever was watching wouldn't see the rest. "Not the kind of dead meat I was craving." Sofia conjured up another trio of fireballs, these ones glowing hot-white, and sent them at the zombie again. These pierced his chest and set his heart on fire.

Within moments, the zombie was ash, its electronics charred. Still, Sofia cast a spell of telekinesis, and the charred remains of the electronics flew up to her. She took them and shoved them into embroidered mirror-work messenger bag. Maybe someone on the Avengers would be able to help her track down whoever was building a zombie army.

Given how badly this one was made, though, there seemed to be no sign of any zombie hordes coming right away. 

She could, thankfully, still grab that sandwich. 

If the place was still open, anyway.


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