The trip wasn't what he had expected, but then again James wasn't sure what he had expected when he had stepped through the portal. To him, it should have been more instantaneous, but it was proving to be annoyingly long and he wondered if his sister was going through the same thing. Whether she was or wasn't, he was going to have to do something to end the trip, but throwing energy around didn't seem like the best of plans. Perhaps focusing his thoughts on a particular location?

Closing his eyes, James focused his thoughts on getting to past, which wasn't really doing anything but he didn't know that. Coincidentally, his trip ended abruptly as he shot out of a hole and rolled across the pavement, and his training quickly kicked in as he recovered during the roll and came up in a crouch with his gun aimed at the nearest person. Scanning his surroundings, he took note of the fact that there was no one going to war with one another, which seemed like a good thing.

Of course, he didn't recognize any of the structures, so he had no way of knowing where he was at. "Okay! One of you tell me where I am and what year is it?" His words were said as he waved the gun around like he was using it to point at someone in the crowd. Naturally, no one else knew that.


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