Marcelo Jaoquim Alencar da Silva double-checked that everything had been in order before he left the penthouse. This business meeting was vastly important. It had many aspects he had to juggle in both parts. He had gone through the right channels to get this meeting at Frost International.

Sage and Stephanie had given him pointers on things outside of the realm business. The business end he could handle; everything else that mattered he would take pointers on. He had a ring on his right hand to block cursory telepathic scans. He was assured if Emma Frost really wanted in his mind, she would get there. So, he had to be careful not to think of things, even in passing, about his secret identity. The ring would help remind him.

He walked confidently into Frost International in his tailored dark gray suit. The appointment had been set. He had made sure it was before school started at Stephanie's alma mater and it was with Emma Frost herself. Patrolling had been light the night before so Marcelo moved smoothly into the building.

He caught his reflection in a surface. There was a brief satisfied smile at what he saw. His double-breasted wool suit fit perfectly. His white, cotton shirt helped his emerald green silk knit tie stand out as an accent. He reached up and adjusted his cotton pocket square slightly with the hand not holding his leather briefcase. His silver cuff links caught a sparkle of light from the motion. His newer leather ankle boots, thankfully, did not squeak as he strode across the small expanse of floor to the reception desk.

"Bom dia," he greeted the receptionist with a smile. "Marcelo Alencar da Silva to see Ms. Frost."
After the chaos Alisa caused, SHIELD had her sent away to "The Vault", a prison for super human villains in Colorado. Already, she had not done well while in custody. Her powers were currently being suppressed, but word about her quickly spread. She had to be sent to the infirmary six times within her first week at the Vault. Not because she started fights, but because other prisoners wanted to fight her.

If the inmates were not bad enough, some of the guards were worse. It was clear that without all that anger, rage, and hate flowing through her from her powers... she was weak and vulnerable. Alisa LeBeau was not cut for High Society, much less prison. God, she hated when Brooke was right about things.

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Bobby woke up and met Mary first.

He named her "Skrull-Babe Funtimes" in his head, the easier to remember her by. Skrulls were decent to be around and, most of the time, they were honest. If they didn't like you, they didn't like you. Unlike the Kree, they didn't pretend to be civilized while acting like jerks.

"So, Mary...I think I remember your friends from the pier. At least I remember a couple of them. I was pretty hurt but...did I actually see a big orange rock person?" he asked her.



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