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Party Aftermath

Fred growled to himself as he trudged to the kitchen. What in the name of all logic possessed him to go on that trip with Dolemeck? Oh yes, his entire lack of an adolescent life, but still... His head was ringing, how could people be so damned loud? And sing so off-key? He cursed as he opened the medicine cabinet, hoping to find something strong enough to fight this migraine that threatened to split his skull.
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"You look like you've been run over by a truck," came a voice from the doorway. Rose was, in fact, just getting home herself, as evidenced by the leather jacket she was shucking.
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"Hard night of partying?" she asked.

Rose cracked open the fridge. "Hungry? Some eggs'd do ya good."
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"Oooh," Rose said. "One of those kinda parties. Those're fun. Or so I've been told. I perk up a little too quick for that."

She got the ingredients she needed out of the fridge and moved to the stove. Moving up to being an X-Man came with a lot of perks, including fridge privileges.

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That, at least, got a sympathetic look from Rose. "Your hearing's almost as good as mine," she said. "That must've been nasty."
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She gave him a sympathetic nod as she cracked a few eggs into a pan. "Yeah. Learned that the hard way. Spent a few miserable months when my senses started kicking in."
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Dolemeck himself walked into the room, his hair was a mess, eye-patch out of place, a bloodied lip, and a big grin on his face.

"That... was the best night out, ever! You should have seen this guy, Rose!" He was referring to Fred, of course.
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Rose arched an eyebrow.

"...Ya look like ya got run over by the Juggernaut, English."
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"When I checked the bathroom mirror, I still had a face a mum could love." He grinned in a rather cheeky manner.

"Because Fred complained about the music, the DJ at the club switched things up, and started playing some classic British punk in retaliation. A mosh pit formed, and it was a grand old time!"
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"I'm pretty sure if you got that beat up moshin', yer doin' it wrong."
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"All I got is a bloody lip, and you two act like I got me arse handed to me. I'm hurt by such notions!"

Dolemeck dabbed his bloodied lip with the back of his hand.

"You should see some of the mosh pits that form when me Da played across the pond. This was nothing compared to those!"
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Rose shrugged. "If ya say so, English."

She turned back to the food, getting some bacon going as well. She might not be the cook Kayla was, but anything you could fry in a skillet was fair game.

"Ya want breakfast?"
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"No thank you, Rose." His attention soon turned to Fred.

"How about this, I will take you to a large library. Or perhaps we can ask Professor Franklin if he could take us to the Metropolitan Museum of Art for a field trip of sorts. Some nice, quiet places... with no lecherous women or loud music."
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"Suppose ta be a pretty nice exhibit of some ancient Japanese art at the Museum of Art," Rose said, mostly concentrating on cooking.
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"I am interested in their exhibit on ancient instruments and Roman statues." Dolemeck admitted as he went to get a glass of water. His lip appears to have finally stopped bleeding.
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"Still, you can appreciate some fine works of art." He took a sip of water before continuing with what he had to say.

"Fred, I know I was wrong about going to a dance club. But going to a museum might be relaxing for you. It's something that is slow paced, not very loud, educational... Who knows! Maybe you might find something that peeks your interests other than what you study, now. It could be a good thing."
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Rose started scraping bacon and eggs onto plates.

"Ya can't live yer entire life in the lab," she agreed, before turning her eye on Dolemeck. "But ya can't drag him out kicking and screaming either. Ya need a big sack for that."

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