New York City felt taut from the skies. As Vesper winged his way around buildings, he could feel the tense anticipation brought on by wall-to-wall coverage of the huge storm heading their way. Though that didn't mean the gangs he tracked did less.

It just meant they got more trigger happy and frantic about the next shipment getting in before the rest of the city blew away. He was on his way to a meeting. He'd overheard part of it. He didn't have all the details but enough to get there and make these drug-pushing gangs regret it.

He kept his ears tuned toward the ground as he flew. It was always good to know if he was spotted and going to be shot at. Which is why he didn't fly right by a set of apartment buildings in Brooklyn when he heard a blood-curdling scream.

Vesper adjusted course and swooped lower to try to figure out what that was and where it came from.

Tommy Templeton pulled up to his motel at the edge of town and killed the engine on his bike. Between helping the others on the semi-team he was on and his own personal business for The Boss, he hadn't a lot of time to himself in the last few months. The situation down in New Orleans was a nice break and Kassi helped out, but Tommy still wasn't in a good place.

He loped up the steps to the room and closed the door behind him, dropping his bag on the floor. He set the 24-pack of beer on the small table to his right, determined to get started as soon as he laid down for a moment. A wave of fatigue hit him just then, the result of pushing too hard for too long. He needed to call Joe. He needed to call Roxanne about Joe. He pulled his wallet from his back pocket and a slip of paper fell to the floor. Probably another receipt. Need to keep those for when I file...

He bent down and picked up the slip of paper and turned it over.


"Oh man. How did you forget to call her?" he said to no one in particular.

We have no time to indulge in petty fantasy.

"Yeah, I know." Tommy said, pulling his phone from his pocket. He dialed the number.

He hoped she'd pick up.

Texas Marion was correct in her belief that Tommy had a way to deal with the events of the demon invasion of New York. Were he a normal man with a nine-to-five job like, say, Dawn or most of America, he might have just had a couple of beers and slept off the experiences of that day and chalked it all up to being a mass hallucination that he would never have the misfortune of participating in again. After all, the entire story was so crazy that no one would believe it that wasn't there. Even then, Tommy could have pretended it never happened and carried that belief to his grave. After the fight with the monsters, he'd thought of catching up with Joe and Roxanne and just staying in one place for a while.


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Central Park
1:26 pm

The portal from Limbo opened easily and without triggering the wards that warned those mystically sensitive of what was happening in the city.  S'ym's erstwhile ally had seen to that.  Not that S'ym trusted him further than he could throw him, but he had been truthful enough in what he could provide. 

Other demons, made temporarily invisible, followed him out of the portal.

"You all know S'ym's plan," he said.  "Raise hell out there.  Make the humans panic.  The more chaos we sow, the weaker our ally makes the barrier between dimensions.  And when that happens, he says this world will belong to S'ym!  And what's good for S'ym is good for all of you!"

The demons began to cheer.

S'ym puffed on his cigar.  "But it's gonna take all of you doin' what we do best.  Killin' folks, corruptin' this world, just like we done before.  Only there ain't no X-Men here to stop us this time!  No little Darkchylde to ruin things!  This time... this world... will... be... OURS!"

The demons flew off, ready to raise hell. 

It happened, at times. Ann was probably the sweetest girl at the shelter -- it was amazing how much she hadn't let what she'd been through make her cynical -- but the general Alphabet City region wasn't always the safest to begin with, and she always insisted on leaving the shelter alone and going places that girls with scales wouldn't be safe. So this time, Jeremiah'd followed her. And lo, she did indeed get herself surrounded by riffraff.

But when he stepped out of the shadows, armoring up and drawing his sword, they moved faster than he expected in grabbing, her the lead one putting her between himself and Jeremiah. And the knife pried under a scale on her clavicle, making its point so well there were a few drops of blood.

His sword vanished. "Why?" Jeremiah asked.
Though she was, technically, only seventeen, Rose was at a Manhattan bar. The best resources the Institute could offer had gone into making herself a fake id. Granted, some of that was simply Logan family precautions in case of ever needing to go under the radar, but it was also useful for getting into bars.

Not that there wasn't beer at home, mind. But going out for beer was fun too. She could drink massive bikers under the table, occasionally shoot a little pool, and sometimes demonstrate to punks that she was not someone who they should mess with and maybe they should think twice about trying to take advantage of women in a bar anyway.

Besides, she'd swiped Summers' credit card to pay for it.
The new internship was going really well. They were good kids; really good kids. Different conditions: two genetic disorders, two car accidents, and ... Luke ... but they were all responding well to getting their hands around a paintbrush or a pair of safety scissors.

Luke less so, not because his injuries were more severe -- in fact, they were less so than several of the others, but because he couldn't seem to relax. Then.... she could tell by the way he fumbled with the art supplies. The damage that had been healing after his previous accident ... or 'accident' ... was renewed. Kind of subtly, easy to miss if you weren't kind of studying this sort of thing obsessively.
Caroline calmly put in the call to DFYS ... but what about that night? Luke definitely wasn't talking enough to make anyone else take definite action immediately, and law-abiding citizen or not, Caroline wasn't sure she trusted the system to act quickly. Maybe she did have a little of Momma's revolutionary streak in her after all. She managed to keep him late, but eventually, the sun had long set, the center was closing... "Hey, Luke, I'm gonna walk you home, okay?" She didn't really give the kid much choice as she accompanied him. "Maybe have a talk with your Mom about how good your art's coming along."
"Mom'll be at work. And Dad... won't want to talk about art."
"Okay. Well, I'll just walk you home anyway."

This scene takes place three days after this scene.

Tommy's bike pulled up out front of Avengers' Mansion at 8 am, giving him what he hoped was enough time to find his target and speak to her so that he could locate Joe before nightfall. He could be at the bar, hoping that Texas Marion might show up again but he didn't think he was quite that lucky. He could even be sleeping in his hotel room, but he needed to see his old friend. Tommy dismounted his bike and looked up at the fence that separated the mansion from the outside world. These people probably had no idea what it meant to go hungry, to want for something they couldn't have. Joe seemed more grounded than most, but he was still the kid of one of one of the biggest badasses of all time. 

Tommy didn't hate the Avengers but he was very sure that they had no clue what was really going on the world. They punched out the "A-List" bad guys and came back to this place for fun. Rather than knock on the door, Tommy had a better idea on how to get what he wanted: stick out like a sore thumb and wait for them to come to him. With any luck, he'd get the person he was looking for in short order.

So Tommy pulled out a cigarette, lit it and stared at the front door as several of the passerby noted the grungy looking biker out front of the mansion. Eventually, someone inside would get the message.

Tommy Templeton sped along the New York freeway, noting the billboards on the way in. He saw a particularly flattering one of one of those model-socialites that he'd seen in the paper somewhere. Her name was Roxanne...something. Tommy couldn't remember her last name off the top of his head but it didn't matter. He just needed to catch up to an old friend and then get back on the road.


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