"Y'know," Sofia Strange said in a conversational tone to the zombie whose butt she was currently kicking, "All I really wanted? Tonight? Was a pastrami sandwich. Maybe a can of Cel-Ray." She threw her left hand up and a trio of marble-sized fireballs flew forth, twirling around each other before smacking the zombie straight in the face. Its dead skin started oozing off of its face, showing bone and wiring underneath. Whatever this thing was, it was a lab-created zombie. 

A mix of science and magic.

Sofia grimaced. That was never good. 

"Instead? Instead I get you." She attacked with a savage backhand, empowered by a surge of mystic lightning. The electronics in the thing fried. Whoever was watching wouldn't see the rest. "Not the kind of dead meat I was craving." Sofia conjured up another trio of fireballs, these ones glowing hot-white, and sent them at the zombie again. These pierced his chest and set his heart on fire.

Within moments, the zombie was ash, its electronics charred. Still, Sofia cast a spell of telekinesis, and the charred remains of the electronics flew up to her. She took them and shoved them into embroidered mirror-work messenger bag. Maybe someone on the Avengers would be able to help her track down whoever was building a zombie army.

Given how badly this one was made, though, there seemed to be no sign of any zombie hordes coming right away. 

She could, thankfully, still grab that sandwich. 

If the place was still open, anyway.
Alexa had been attempting to take it easy following her caffinated adventures with the Tiki Freaks. It wasn't all that difficult, really, especially since Remi had finally opened up with the l-bomb and she decided to take full advantage of it by spending extra time with him, even joining him in his tank--which had the interesting side effect of making the baby kick her harder and be generally more belligerent inside her. Alexa wondered exactly how much of the Atlantean genes were going to end up expressed in the baby, just like she wondered if the world was really ready for an Atlantean Stark. Remi's sister, Kassi, seemed to think so. Remi seemed horrified by the idea a little. The only person who hadn't weighed in was the original Stark himself.

Alexa hadn't really talked to him since they argued after rescuing Remi from cross dimensional insanity. She hadn't really seen him since her return from coffee hell and she realized that she needed to change that, even if to just stop in and notify him that she was fine. Her mother had asked her to do at least that.

So mid-morning on a Tuesday Alexa shuffled her overly pregnant self to Tony's office.
Dawn double-checked the piece of paper and confirmed the address.   Even by Greenwich Village standards, the building was an art deco nightmare come to life.  But this was the place.  The address had been given to her by Sophia Strange following the demon invasion, along with an offer to help sort out whatever she might be dealing with.

Dawn had put off going, for a variety of reasons, some of them life related, some of them fear related.  Whatever was going on with her wasn't going away, no matter how hard she tried to ignore it.  Dreams nearly every night, instincts at war with each other, and, perhaps worst of all, the strangest feeling of impending dread whenever she looked at certain people, as though something terrible was going to happen to them.

Considering what had happened, she probably wasn't insane.  Which, in its way, was a good thing.  On the other hand, it meant that whatever was happening to her was far more real and probably far more terrible.

Either option was far from good.

She used the ominous door knocker to knock and hoped she knew what she was getting herself into.
Central Park
1:26 pm

The portal from Limbo opened easily and without triggering the wards that warned those mystically sensitive of what was happening in the city.  S'ym's erstwhile ally had seen to that.  Not that S'ym trusted him further than he could throw him, but he had been truthful enough in what he could provide. 

Other demons, made temporarily invisible, followed him out of the portal.

"You all know S'ym's plan," he said.  "Raise hell out there.  Make the humans panic.  The more chaos we sow, the weaker our ally makes the barrier between dimensions.  And when that happens, he says this world will belong to S'ym!  And what's good for S'ym is good for all of you!"

The demons began to cheer.

S'ym puffed on his cigar.  "But it's gonna take all of you doin' what we do best.  Killin' folks, corruptin' this world, just like we done before.  Only there ain't no X-Men here to stop us this time!  No little Darkchylde to ruin things!  This time... this world... will... be... OURS!"

The demons flew off, ready to raise hell. 

There was some sort of appointment today dealing with the baby. Remi had been good about going along to those when he was not otherwise saving a dimension or something as an Imaginaut. Today was a quiet day with some training in the morning. He thought Alexa was in a lab at the moment.

He was coming out of the bathroom, slightly damp and with a towel tied around his waist. As much as his girlfriend loved the smell of him either sweaty or just out of the seawater, he did try to leave a good impression on the doctor. Well, outside of never wearing shoes. Somethings a prince just won't give up.

The blond Atlantean was trying to figure out which mundane outfit to get into.
She had found out about this situation at the clinic. She had never heard of anything quite like this. A very dangerous sounding demonic possession of a principal at one of the inner-city high schools. He was usually a very nice guy but throwing fire at his darling wife and becoming a little Napoleon over night had her very aware of how bad it was starting to get.

She knew that an exorcism was the right thing in this situation. So she went into research mode trying to figure out just what she could do only she discovered quickly how limited her knowledge was.

That was how she went to the expert. She rings the door bell at the Sanctum Sanctorum hoping that this time Doctor Strange will be here and willing to help. She knows if she doesn't do something that man could be lost forever.


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