Robin stood lost in the main foyer of the Institute's mansion. Here he'd always thought of himself as pretty well off and of his family houses as huge, but then he came to Xavier's and had his scope of the world scaled properly. He was clearly not as up to this as he had said he was - which was impressive considering no one had objected to coming here harder than he had. Clad in his favorite plaid button up shirt, a navy blue business suit jacket and khaki slacks, he looked like he had everything together until one looked at his face, pinched in confusion. Where his room was supposed to be, he couldn't begin to fathom now that he'd put his things in it, and classes? They might as well have been wild thylacines for how well he was doing at finding them. Running a hand through his slightly shaggy hair, he looked around.

To quote an obscure electroclash-hiphop crossover band he liked, Operation: Messin' This Up is go.

Alexander Aaron's visit to his sister  went well, but now he needed to actually get settled in and the first thing he needed to do was buy clothing and get to know the competition. Humans had issues with nudity and Alex figured it best to subscribe to their rules for as long as he was on their plane of existence. He also needed things like a car and a more permanent place to live, but one thing at a time.

He headed to a tailor and get his measurements done and look over his choices. Eventually, he'd design his own clothing but he also needed to go over materials as well.

The attendant helping him was clearly fawning over him but Alexander ignored it, hoping he could get through this shop and head to the next one as soon as possible.

"Can you bring over something in grey? And a few ties as well?" he asked her. She hastened to obey.

Sometimes, Earth wasn't so bad.

The fitting ended and Alexander left with several suits and the attendant's phone number.  Finding himself hungry, Alex stopped at a local restaurant to get something to eat. He remembered that all of the really terrible Earth food was really good, but the pricier items left a lot to be desired. He sat down at a table started out with some tea, deciding that he'd have something stronger in a bit.

Brianna sat on the south lawn in yoga pants and a tank top in the lotus position, counting her breaths as she cycled through several breathing exercises at the end of her meditations. She'd been back at Xavier's for a couple of days now and she was settling in all right. Mom and Dad seemed to be having a good time back home, though she knew her father would want to get out on the road again as soon as possible.

She felt herself return to alertness and opened her eyes as if seeing the world anew for the first time. Her meditations always renewed her spirt and her mind and she was ready to take on the new day.

Standing in one smooth motion, Brianna LeBeau began tehe first of several katas, taking up an open fighting stance and working through encountering her foe, engaging and finally, dispatching that foe before beginning the next kata.

Danielle was always happy to visit her Distinguished Distant Cousin. All the more so when in a strange place like America. She carefully followed the directions she'd been given -- she'd even gotten plenty of little gold coins with pictures of sacagawea on them, so she could understand them better as money -- until she reached Avengers mansion.

She rang the doorbell.
"...'Tis not right!" Danielle complains as she stalks a student sitting area, her radio to her ear. "'Tis not the way they're supposed to lose!"
“I can’t believe I’m actually doing this,” Brooke Wyngarde muttered to herself as she stared at the thick, artistically wrought iron gates that separated the Xavier Mansion from the world around it. “I just…I can’t.” But here she was, sitting outside the Mansion for the last fifteen minutes, working up her nerves to make this next step. Her father had temporarily returned home to England to work on some stuff, and Brooke found that she desperately needed to be around her own kind – and not necessarily the Hellfire Club, even if she was the Red Rook now.

Besides, she needed to learn more about her powers and how to utilize them, and the Xavier Institute…well, that was essentially the Yale or the Harvard of mutant education, weren’t they? Besides, it’s not as though she was here to befriend anyone or, god forbid, join the X-Men. She was just making herself the best possible mutant that she could be - and maybe she'd find some allies on the way.

After all, if I’m going to be queen one day…

Pursing her lips, Brooke let herself out of the car and smoothed down her Nanette Lepore skirt. She let herself through the gates and walked down the pathway towards the front door, her heart beating wildly with each step. She had never really dealt with the X-Men very much before, but her father had been one of Emma Frost’s Hellions, and her mother had never really been too fond of the X-Men. She didn’t know whether or not to expect a welcome wagon, or the Danger Room attacking her somehow.

She was visibly relieved when she reached the front door. After a moment’s hesitation, Brooke finally reached up and rang the doorbell.

Here goes nothing.


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