It took a couple of days after her disastrous meeting with Athos for Brooke to set one up with Rachel. For one thing, she'd needed to calm her nerves down a little bit - the meeting had truly been difficult and Brooke had never felt so off of her game in her entire life. For another, there had been the clean-up to consider. The turtle had left quite the hideous mess for Brooke - scorch marks included! - and it had been hard work for the brunette to clean all that up. 

I'm never taking Sharona for granted again, Brooke mused as she knocked on the door of Rachel's office. Such a hearty constitution when it comes to hard manual labor like that

She smoothed down the skirt of her dress and glanced again at the clutch she'd discovered while shopping that weekend. It was meant to look like the cover of one of Brooke's favourite books, L'Arrache-cœur. It was a French novel about a psychoanalyst who moved to a village where absurd things occurred. Not quite like the Institute, really, though thematically, it fits in some ways, she thought wryly. 

She took a seat outside of the office, flashing back to many of the other meetings she'd had with Rachel here since her arrival at the Institute not so long ago. And really, who knows how this one will end?


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