Every night for the last few months, Niklas Thorson of Asgard had been having the same dream. He was standing outside an icy cave, cold gusts of wind battering his face as he waited for the mysterious figure in a scarlet cloak and hood to appear. As always, the mysterious figure’s face was obscured in darkness. As always, the figure beckoned Nicky closer, to follow them into the cave. As always, Nicky stood his ground, and beckoned the figure to come to him. He would not follow a faceless figure into the dark, cold cave, because he knew what lay there, and it was something he wanted no part of. As always, the figure would hesitate and step closer to Nicky. Each time though, he would reach out to yank the figure’s hood off their face, but just as the face was about to be revealed, he would wake up.

As he did tonight, a cold sweat coating his lithe, deceptively strong body. His hand reached up to touch the axe pendant he always wore around his neck. It was, mercifully, still there.

Not that many others could really lift it. The thing had the mass of a star.

Nicky swung his legs over the edge of his bed and shoved his feet into the fuzzy Throg slippers that sat at the end of his bed. Wrapping his thick, red robe over his bare chest, he padded downstairs.

Nicky needed mead. Mead and a whole stack of prime ribs.
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Bruce sat in his chair in the meeting room, mulling over the report he was writing for the files on their battle at Project Pegasus.  Yes, they'd stopped the super-villains, but he had the feeling that they'd really lost the day.  According to PEGASUS's inventory, a handful of scientific devices had been stolen, but nothing that was expressly dangerous in and of itself.  Just various pieces of energy research.

Sure, you could probably eventually turn some of it into a power source for a weapon, but there were way easier ways out there.  And how had they managed to steal anything?  Security cameras briefly showed some kind of blur, but not one of the super-villains they'd been fighting.

It didn't add up.

Fortunately, the others (and their new SHIELD Liaison, possibly less fortunate there) were on their way for a meeting.  He'd even (somewhat reluctantly) called in Vincent to get a scientific viewpoint on things.

Project PEGASUS, located outside Mount Athena, New York, was one of the premier energy research facilities in the world, exploring all manner of exotic technologies and resources.  It had, at times, been used to hold energy-empowered super-criminals, and had, at times, boasted super-humans as their security directors, ranging from the Thing to the Blue Shield to Darkhawk.  Neither of those were a factor these days.

But it was still a tempting target to many a super-villain and other criminals. 

Such as today.  Several members of the Lethal Legion had arrived, assaulting the compound.

A call for help went out to the Avengers.
Vincent let out a sigh. He'd been sitting across the street from Avengers Mansion for about half an hour, trying to build up the resolve to approach. It had been a while. Long enough for some of the sting to come out, but hopefully not so long that his appearance would be unwarranted entirely. It was still something hard for him; apologizing, that is. He needed to do something though. The Avengers had taken him in when they had no reason to, before he'd found his own footing, and they were a part of his new life in this world.

The relationship isn't going to fix itself anytime soon.

He adjusts his bag, and walks up to the gate, wondering if he's going to be subject to anti-personnel measures, or if he's still got clearance.
The eight foot tall Hulk wandered the streets, not really knowing where it was. Its heavy footfall sometimes making things shake just a little. Most people and things gave it a wide berth. Those that didn't got growled at; then they gave it an entire sidewalk to itself.

It wasn't sure where it was going. It had just destroyed the building that had captured it. Or destroyed the building over the mad doctor's lab who had captured it. Either way, there was rubble behind the Hulk, on its shoulders, and in its hair.

It walked down the street, looking around. It was trying to figure out where it could go to have some peace. To get away from the doctor it had left behind in the rubble.
Mira bit her lip as she stopped the bike, looking at the building that resided at the address she had gotten. This is stupid I shouldn't still be in New York I should have left already. She thought as she touched the band strapped to her wrist.

"Right, only one way to get this done." Mira slid off the bike, leaving it in that mode, wouldn't do to start a war with the people she wanted as allies because of a misunderstanding. Hitting the com button she waited until someone answered.
Tensions were running high, but that was par for the course, given everything that had just happened. The Avengers were back at Avengers Mansion, mugs of hot tea, hot cocoa, and mead being passed around as wounds and injuries were tended to and salves and painkillers were being administered by Night Nurse, who had presumably been called in by Jarvis.

Niklas Thorson of Asgard - currently better known as Nicky Blake of Midgard - snapped the cape off of his armor and leaned against the wall. He was silent, waiting for the planning to commence, of things that needed to happen next. It was something he would be left out of - Hela had succeeded in locking him out of Asgard for the forseeable future - but he was only too glad to stay here and help out with the planning, give the others whatever information they needed about his home...perhaps give them a note to send to his father, who he had not seen for awhile now.

Gratefully, he accepted a large, frothy mug of mead from Jarvis and took a long gulp.

Then, when everyone seemed as though they were ready, Nicky nodded his head.

“I suppose we should work out a plan for what comes next.”
The Avengers will arrive in Time's Square in short order. They will see Frost Giants moving out quickly. There are a few standing guard over something but there is nice and snow shooting up into the air so it isn't obvious right away that it is the Cask of Winter.

But there are many Frost Giants gathered here. It is an invading army.
As soon as Vincent is about to arrive to collect anyone willing to go with him on the rescue mission to Asgard things start to go very wrong. There is suddenly snow pouring down from the sky in Times Square and reports of Frost Giants coming out to attack different parts of the city. The Avengers are going to have to decide what they are going to do really fast.
Tony didn't spend an overly large amount of time at the Avenger's mansion these days. Not if he could help it. This was a special occasion, though. Today, he was going to introduce the kid to their new teacher. He suspected that many of them knew of her already, but proper introductions were only polite. Besides, he wanted to make sure They all knew to give her the proper respect. Anyone who gave her issues would answer to him and his primary methods of discipline were pay cuts and firing... nobody wanted that.

He waited with Kitty in the main living room at the mansion and waited for the kids to gather.
Danielle was always happy to visit her Distinguished Distant Cousin. All the more so when in a strange place like America. She carefully followed the directions she'd been given -- she'd even gotten plenty of little gold coins with pictures of sacagawea on them, so she could understand them better as money -- until she reached Avengers mansion.

She rang the doorbell.
After Christmas but before New Years, Jay and May had mutually decided to stop dating. They had drifted slightly apart. It was an amicable split and also half his choice, but Jay was still a bit sad. Though rather than brood in his room as he had done before, he went out and about all over New York City. Distractive outings. Though he made sure if he was with Stooges that the girlfriends were not along. He didn't want to dwell on being suddenly single nor did he want to feel like a fifth wheel.

Jay had gotten up late today and slogged out to the kitchen. When got back to his room, he noticed his door still open. He slapped a palm to his forehead and grunted.

"Crap. Crapcrap. Crapcrapcrap." The miniature giant space hamster, otherwise known as the pet he had that no one particularly knew about, was loose in the mansion. Jay turned on his heel and started down the hallway. He needed to find his pet before Jarvis found him and called the intergalactic exterminator.

"Boo," he whispered through clenched teeth as he stalked through the mansion. "Here, Boo. Heeeeeeeeere, Boo."


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